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DorTehStroy - 2012

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International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 14.03.2012 - 17.03.2012 

City: Rostov-on-Don - information about city

Holder: DonExpoCentre

Topics: Building and real estate, Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: Convention and Exibition Centre "DonExpoCentre"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Assistance in development of road industry and economy in the region by promoting research-and-engineering projects, and new technologies in the public road system
  2. Demonstration and promotion of the modern road-building machinery and equipment, advanced engineering solutions in building, maintenance and repair of roads, pavements, bridges on the market of Rostov Oblast and the Southern Federal District
  3. Attraction of managers and experts of the federal, local and municipal regulatory bodies, state and commercial organizations of the road complex for the purpose of exchange in experience and latest research-and-engineering achievements
  4. Experts' acquaintance with manufacturers and suppliers of the modern domestic and foreign machinery and equipment

Exhibition Sections:

  • Design and building of roads, engineering structures:
    • design institutes
    • road building, repair and reconstruction organizations
    • geodetic machinery and equipment
    • geographic information systems
    • geographic design and cartography
    • technologies
    • raw materials and supplies
  • Machinery and equipment for highway building, repair and maintenance:
    • graders
    • asphalt spreaders
    • road rollers (combined, rubber-tired, tandem, earth rollers, trailed, static, hand vibration rollers)
    • plate compactors (reversible, with translational movement)
    • vibrating tampers
    • pavement saws
    • bitumen and stone spreader
    • stone spreader
    • road-milling machinery and equipment
    • soil stabilizers
    • patching equipment
    • equipment for manufacturing, transportation and storage of asphalt-concrete, bitumen
    • highway striping machinery and equipment
    • highway care equipment
    • highway diagnostics devices
  • Excavating machinery:
    • excavators
    • loaders
    • bulldozers
    • trench-diggers
    • horizontal directional drilling machinery
    • drilling machines and tools
    • pipe-laying machines
    • foundation work equipment
    • integral implements for earth-moving machines
    • integral implements and spare parts for drilling machines
  • Machinery and equipment for loading-unloading and installation operations:
    • cranes
    • aerial lifting platform
    • construction tower hoists
    • overhead cranes
    • pulleys
    • hoists
    • reload machines
    • loaders
    • loading-unloading operation complexes
    • integral implements for lifting equipment
  • Cargo carriers:
    • bitumen distributor
    • cement bulk trucks
    • special dump machinery
    • high sided trucks
    • wagons
    • truck-tractors
    • tractors
    • tank lorries for petroleum products transportation
    • water transportation vehicles
    • trailers and semi-trailers
  • Construction industry equipment:
    • crushing, crushing-and-screening equipment
    • equipment for raw materials processing
    • filters
    • machinery and equipment for precast concrete production
    • equipment for construction materials production
    • concrete and plasterwork equipment
    • mix transportation machinery
    • vibrators
    • trowels
    • devices for construction material quality control
  • Components, materials and spare parts for construction machinery:
    • engines
    • car chassis
    • clutches
    • (gear, power take-off and other) boxes
    • turbine compressors
    • tires
    • hydraulic equipment
  • Road traffic organization equipment; traffic safety:
    • road signs
    • road marking equipment
    • barriers
    • road traffic control equipment
    • lifting gates
    • railway crossing equipment
    • traffic lights facilities
    • lighting equipment
    • information stands
    • methods of winter slipperiness control
    • deicing agents
  • Roadside service:
    • filling equipment
    • means and methods of fuel and lubricants control
    • gasoline, oils, additives
    • gas-cylinder equipment
    • equipment and safety technologies of refueling stations
    • garage and parking equipment
    • gantry and hand car washes
    • diagnostic equipment
    • tow trucks
    • cargo forwarding
    • cargo traffic organization and storage of material assets
    • information systems of cargo transportation process management
    • Innovation projects in road and transportation facilities:
    • innovation projects
    • investment projects for introduction of the leading technologies in production with the purpose of road building and maintenance improvement
    • insurance of road infrastructure objects and machinery
    • leasing
    • road-building science
    • personnel training according to the international standards
  • Special literature

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