Great Rivers (Ecological, Hydro-Meteorological, Energy Security) / ICEF - 2015

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17th International Scientific and Industrial Forum

Date: 19.05.2015 - 22.05.2015 

City: Nizhny Novgorod - information about city

Holder: Nizhni Novgorod fair

Topics: Building and real estate, Natural Resources, Municipal Management




Venue: Exhibition Complex "Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka"

"Great rivers of Russia" will present federal and regional scientific-industrial expositions of innovative projects in the sphere of ecology, hydrometeorology, environment and energy safety.

Forum Goals:

  1. Contributing to solution of the problems of sustainable development in the basins of great rivers
  2. Ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of Russia
  3. Preservation of the environment for the current and future generations, environmental, hydrometeorology and energy security

Exhibition Sections:

  • Clean water. Technology. Equipment
    • water treatment
    • water supply
    • wastewater disposal
    • utilities
    • pumps and pumping equipment
    • automatics
    • control and regulation systems
    • pipeline equipment
    • heating systems
    • swimming pools and fountains
    • environmentally safe drinking water
    • rational use and protection of the water resources
    • exploration and extraction of groundwater
    • regional and interstate water problems
    • international projects
  • Power engineering. Electrical engineering. Energy and resource saving
    • power engineering and electrical engineering in industry and municipal sector
    • electrical equipment for the hydropower, heat power, electrical power, nuclear power
    • high-voltage equipment, transformers, cables, wires
    • electroceramic products
    • lighting equipment
    • low-voltage wiring equipment
    • boiler and auxiliary equipment
    • heat exchange equipment
    • turbine generators, turbines
    • pumps, compressors
    • electrical machines, electric drives, accumulators
    • instrumentation, diagnostics
    • new technology in the generation and supply of electric power
    • converting plants
    • services for the design, installation and maintenance of power equipment and electrical works
  • Alternative energy
  • Technology and equipment for emergency response

Additional information: