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Cottage. Low-Rise Building - 2012

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Specialized Exhibition

Date: 24.04.2012 - 28.04.2012 

City: Novokuznezk - information about city

Holder: Kuzbass Fair

Topic: Building and real estate




Exhibition Sections:

  • Real estate (building estates, cottages and country houses)
  • Land-cadastral services
  • Architectural proposals for single-family house and cottage building
  • Private low-height housing construction (timber houses, glued laminated lumber structures and log-houses)
  • Dry standardized low-height private housing construction
  • Bathhouses, solid wood, glued laminated lumber, frame-panel saunas
  • Bathing accessories
  • Stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, parts
  • Pools, font basins, fountains, cascades, water distribution, irrigation and drainage systems
  • Wooden hardscape elements
  • Decorative fences and wooden guard rails, pergolas, bridges elements of landscape architecture
  • Furniture for cottages and country houses, wooden garden furniture (benches, tables)
  • Swing sets (slides, swings, sandpits)
  • Floor decks, manufacturing techniques
  • Siding, facade and roofing materials, heat insulation, translucent constructions
  • Parts and materials used in building and timber house finishing, techniques and their manufacture
  • Advances functional constructional materials based on wood and logging waste
  • Wood board manufacture for house building
  • Chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, MDF, cement wood boards, wood laminates
  • Advanced timber materials for house building
  • Materials for exterior and interior wall finishing used in timber house building and cottage building, interior decoration elements
  • Manufacture of arches, wooden, metal, spiral and attic stairs
  • Wooden floor covering (board, parquetry, wood deck). Wall and floor covering made of natural and artificial stone
  • Natural and artificial stone for garden paths, curbs, parapets, revetment walls; paving
  • Fine wood interior elements, artificial ageing of wood
  • Doors and windows
  • Metal fasteners for wooden constructions
  • Inhouse wastewater purification, sewerage, heating systems, bioconversion and recycling of wastes
  • Safety systems, automatic house control systems
  • House building materials increasing durability, fire resistance and biodeterioration; antirot substances, impregnating compounds, hydrophobisators, bleaching agents
  • Paints, lacquers, crack fillers, mastics
  • Lanterns, illuminators, park lighting systems, electrical equipment, insulating materials
  • Landscape design, personal field and cottage improvement
  • Ceramics, glassware, china, plastics, wickerworks
  • Specialized literature, publications and promotional items

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