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Region - Electro 2007

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4th Exhibition of Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrical Machines, Devices, Apparatuses and Modern Technologies in Power Generation

Date: 11.12.2007 - 13.12.2007 

City: Volgograd - information about city

Holder: Exhibitions Centre REGION

Topics: Municipal Management, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Volgograd Sports Pаlace (Universal Sports and Show Complex of Volgograd Trade Unions)

Exhibition Sections:

  • Electrical machines
  • High-tension apparatuses
  • Transformations, autotransformers, reactors
  • Power capacitors, condenser installations
  • Semi-conductor power devices, integrated circuits, converter equipment
  • Complete devices of control, electrical energy distribution and protection
  • Devices of electric drives control. Electric drives
  • Low-tension apparatuses
  • Illuminating devices
  • Electric equipment of handling machinery, traction and crane electrical equipment
  • Electrothermal equipment
  • Devices and means of industrial purpose automation
  • Cable and wire products
  • Electric and ceramic products, insulators
  • Insulating materials
  • Chemical and physical current sources
  • Household electric appliances
  • Science and technical literature

Additional information: