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Siberian Technical Fair. RemStroyExpo. PromStroyEnergo - 2014

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 19.11.2014 - 21.11.2014 

City: Omsk - information about city

Holders: International Exhibition Center "INTERSIB", Exhibition Company "Omsk-Expo"

Topics: Building and real estate, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sports Complex "Krasnaya Zvezda"

To take part in the unified exhibition:

Exhibition of equipment, technology, materials, tools for construction and improvement of the dwelling, office and industrial premises:

  • Construction, finishing materials, products
  • Water-proof, heat-insulating and roofing materials
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Water supply, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Partitions, stairs
  • Facades
  • Equipment and tools for construction, reconstruction and repair works
  • Metal works and metal products: hardware, fittings, wire products, locks and lock-up devices
  • Sanitary ware, construction ceramics
  • Energy saving technology
  • Heat controllers, heat meters, electric energy, gas, water, oil and lubricant consumption record systems
  • Automation, security assurance and protection equipment in construction
  • Computer systems in construction industry, "smart home" systems
  • Design, decor, projects, materials, goods, ornamental articles, accessories for interior design
  • Fireplaces and stoves
  • Blinds, jalousie
  • Carpets, flooring
  • Internet technology in architectural design, alterations
  • Work wear


  • Components and materials for lighting industry
  • Efficient household devices
  • Energy-saving technologies, materials, equipment
  • Water, gas, electric energy, heat, fuel and lubricants cost accounting systems
  • Gas facilities
  • Innovative technologies for energy supply for buildings
  • Energy saving in systems of heat and water supply
  • Public and industrial thermal power
  • Innovative technologies of systems of independent and centralized heat supply, water supply and water removal
  • Small and unconventional energy
  • Nanotechnology in the field of energy saving in fuel and energy complex
  • Hardwire products, electroinsulating materials
  • Thermal insulating materials, heat engineering
  • Ventilation, conditioning, heating, water supply, canalization and water treatment systems
  • Systems of management, accounting and control
  • High and low voltage equipment
  • Efficient use of resources and ecology
  • Energy saving target programs

"Energy saving in construction, industry, housing and public utilities".

"Housing and public utilities - Standards of the future":

  • Infrastructure, development and improvement of the modern city
  • Materials, equipment, technology and services for support of the municipal facilities
  • Gas supply
  • Waste recovery
  • Ecology
  • Landscape design
  • Industrial, computer, graphic design, phyto- and landscape design

"Lighting. Glass. Doors. Windows".
Specialized exhibition:

  • Lighting technology
  • Electric fixtures и electrical products, household appliances and electronics, technology, equipment and materials for manufacturing there of
  • Cables, wires
  • Household and industrial glass-ware
  • Equipment, raw materials, technology and innovations in glassmaking
  • Glass in architecture
  • Doors
  • Windows

"Drevexpo. Furniture".
Exhibition of furniture, forest products, construction materials made of wood and with the use of wood:

  • Cabinet work and carpentry
  • Machines, equipment, tools, materials for lumbering, woodworking and furniture industry
  • All types of furniture for home and office
  • Components, semi-manufactured products, finish hardware, materials for furniture manufacturing

"DorStroyTech. Roads. Bridges. Special Automotive Equipment".
9th Specialized exhibition:

  • Road-building machinery, equipment
  • Construction, reconstruction, maintenance technologies of roads, bridges and overpasses
  • Motorway service
  • Quality diagnostics of road works
  • Work clothes
  • Insurance

Specialized showroom:

  • Real estate
  • Mortgage
  • Investment
  • Urban development in Siberia
  • Low-height housing construction
  • Cottages: construction, operation

"SiBdomservis: Buildings. Care. Management. Service".
Specialized showroom:

  • Sibcleaning
  • Waste management
  • Cleaning and improvement of streets and territories
  • Real estate management
  • Dry-cleaning, laundry

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