Food Ural. Packing Ural - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

15th International Specialized Exhibition of Food, Raw Stuff for Food Industry, Packing Equipment and Materials

Date: 17.11.2009 - 20.11.2009 

City: Ufa - information about city

Holder: BashEXPO

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: Ufa Palace of Sports

Exhibition Sections:

  • ProdUral:
    • foodstaffs, distillery products, soft drinks
    • raw materials, ingredients, food additives and concentrated products, spicery
    • tinned food, semifinished products, products of fast freeze
    • technologies, equipment, materials for processing, storage, transporting, logistics
    • materials and technical equipment, accessories, service for modern trading objects of catering enterprises, mobile means of small scale retail trade
    • trading design, advertising
  • Packing:
    • raw materials and semifinished products for package production
    • auxiliary packing products
    • packing machines, technological lines for bottle filling, packing
    • machines and equipment for production and design of packing
    • agglutinative, stapling, naildriving machines, packing tools
    • varnishes, paints, agglutinative films etc.
    • development and production of dispensable packing and utensils
    • labling products and consumed materials for their production (paper, cardboard, polymeric films, foil, polygraphic paints etc.)
    • design of advertising and packing, polygraphy
    • moder equipment for automatic and semiautomatic marking, labeling
    • development of company logotypes and special marks and technologies of their application

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