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Power Kyrgyzstan - 2015

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition Kyrgyzskaya "Power and Lighting, Renewable and Nonconventional Power Sources"

Date: 25.03.2015 - 27.03.2015 

City: Bishkek - information about city

Holder: BiExpo, LLC

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sport Palace named after Kozhomkul

Development of the energy sector plays a major role in the economy of the country, and its dynamic development, the strategic interests of the state, so on a single platform will be presented to the various segments of the energy industry in General.

Exhibition "Power Kyrgyzstan" is the only specialized event in the energy industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for both participants and visitors to become familiar with a wide range of services and a wide range of different products.

"Power Kyrgyzstan" an annual gathering of leaders in the industry and is a favourable ground for strengthening international cooperation.

Exhibition Goals:

  1. To give new impetus to the development of the energy industry
  2. To attract new investments, the world's best technology and technique
  3. To identify promising research and development with the subsequent introduction of

Exhibition Sections:

  • Electricals:
    • transformer substation
    • power electronics
    • low-voltage equipment
    • high-voltage equipment
    • converters, transformers
    • motors
    • electric generators, electric
  • Energy efficiency, innovation and energy saving technologies and equipment:
    • equipment for energy saving
    • energy-saving technologies
    • energy efficient systems, electric machines and apparatus for energy conservation
    • lighting products: energy saving lamps, lighting devices, start-control and monitoring equipment
    • equipment and technologies for recycling energy
  • Fuel materials:
    • coal
    • gas
    • oil
  • Power engineering:
    • turbines and auxiliary equipment
    • boilers and boiler-auxiliary equipment
    • diesel engines and diesel generators
    • heat exchangers
    • compressors
    • wiring accessories
    • insulating products
    • equipment for power transmission lines
    • relay protection device
  • Gas supply system:
    • gas pipelines
    • polymeric materials
    • connecting, stop valves, regulators, gas regulators
    • gas burners
  • Alternative energy sources:
    • bioenergy
    • wind energy
    • hydrogen energy
    • geothermal energy
    • small hydropower
    • solar energy
  • Cables, wires, fittings:
    • power cables for fixed laying for low, medium, high voltage
    • control cables, communication fiber-optic, special purpose
    • wires for overhead power lines, power, communications, special purpose, winding, low-power cords
    • cable glands in transformers and switchgear, connecting fittings
    • lighting
    • industrial energy
    • industrial ventilation systems

Additional information: