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МедФарм - 2024

Power Kyrgyzstan - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

Kyrgyz International Exhibition of Power Engineering "Renewable and Nonconventional Power Sources"

Date: 12.04.2011 - 14.04.2011 

City: Bishkek - information about city

Holder: BiExpo, LLC

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sport Palace named after Kozhomkul

Exhibition Sections:

  • Electrotechnical equipment:
    • electric motors, generators, drives
    • converters, transformers
    • transformer sub-stations
    • power electronics
    • low-voltage installations
    • high-voltage installations
  • Energy saving, innovations, energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies and equipment:
    • equipment for energy saving
    • energy-saving technologies
    • energy-efficient systems, electric machines and energy-saving equipment
    • lighting engineering: energy-saving lamps, lighting appliances, start-control and control equipment
    • equipment and technologies for the secondary use of energy resources
  • Fuel materials:
    • coal
    • gas
    • black oil
  • Power machine building:
    • turbines and service equipment
    • boilers and service equipment
    • diesel engines and oil-electrical engines
    • heat-exchange apparatus
    • compressors
  • Wiring products
  • Electrical insulating materials
  • Equipment for power lines
  • Devices of relay protection
  • Gas-supply systems:
    • gas pipelines
    • polymeric materials
    • fastening and stop valves, regulators, gas pressure reducers
    • gas-jet devices
  • Alternative sources of electric power:
    • bioenergetics
    • wind energy
    • hydrogen energy
    • geothermal energy
    • small-scale hydro-power engineering
    • solar energy
  • Cable products, wires, fittings:
    • power cables for the fixed installation of low, medium and high voltage
    • cables of control, communication, fiber-optic cables, cables of special purpose
    • wires for overhead transmission lines, power, communication wires, wires of special purpose, winding wires, feeble-current cords
    • cable inputs in transformers and switchovers, connecting fittings
    • junction of fiber-optic components
    • components and devices for cable installation and laying
    • equipment, tools and devices for the installation of cabling and wiring products
    • control devices, used in laying and installation of cables and wires
    • technologies of installation and laying of cables and wires
  • Security on the power facilities, ecological safety, technologies of environment protection
  • Industrial power engineering, industrial ventilation systems
  • Pumps and compressors, pipes and pipeline fittings
  • Technologies and systems of water conditioning
  • Engineering services, installation work
  • Lighting technology

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