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Packing and Warehouse - 2012

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Specialized Forum on Production and Use of Packaging, Labels, Packaging Equipment in Different Industrial Sectors

Date: 11.09.2012 - 14.09.2012 

City: Minsk - information about city


Topics: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: The pavilion, 27, Y. Kupala st.

Forum Goals:

  1. Demonstrate the latest process solutions for various economy branches in the field of packaging, printing technology, packaging waste management
  2. Show advantages of the present-day solutions and the latest equipment for storage facilities, software and automated control systems ensuring transportation, storage and distribution of the products

Exhibition Sections:

Exhibition "World of Packaging":

  • Packaging materials, raw materials and equipment for manufacturing of the packaging materials, printing equipment, computer systems and printing technology
  • Packaging machines and equipment: filling, dosing equipment, equipment for packaging by means of mechanical transformation and thermal influence, palletizing and other special-purpose equipment
  • Ready-made packaging for food products, consumer goods, perfumes and cosmetics, drugs and medical preparations, disposable package, packaging and container design and engineering
  • Waste disposal, recycling of used packaging

Salon "Modern Label":

  • Consumables for manufacturing label products, printing-related chemistry: paints, varnishes, glues
  • Equipment and technology for manufacturing label products, ready-made label products for all economy branches, label design and artistic finish
  • Souvenirs and refreshments, design and application of trademarks and special signs on the products

Salon "Polymers and Glass in Packaging":

  • Machines, molds, raw and auxiliary materials for manufacturing of packaging of polymer and combined materials
  • Polymer materials, design and engineering of polymer packaging
  • Environmentally friendly technologies and equipment for recycling of the secondary polymer materials
  • Glass-ware for storage and transportation of products, glass-ware design and engineering
  • Decoration of the glass, porcelain and ceramic ware by means of silk-screening and decalcomania
  • Equipment for glass waste collection and disposal

Exhibition "Warehousing Technology":

  • Design and construction of warehouses, distribution centers, industrial and production warehouses
  • Present-day concepts of the warehouse logistics, warehouse infrastructure
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS), warehouse accounting, control and sorting technology and equipment, RFID technology
  • Supply chain management system (SCM)
  • Retail ERP systems
  • Automated warehouse, automated equipment for the inbound logistics of enterprises and distribution centers: conveyer systems, automated commissioning and sorting systems
  • Warehouse equipment and machinery, cranes, handling machinery: stock-piling machines, electric cars, forklift loaders
  • Security and video surveillance systems, warehouse protection
  • Cleaning of warehouse facilities and shopping malls
  • Industrial, warehousing and transport containers, bar coding and marking of goods

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