Oil and gas - 2005

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International exhibition

Date: 20.09.2005 - 23.09.2005 

City: Tyumen - information about city

Holder: "Tyumen Fair" JSC

Topics: Natural Resources, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Tumen', Sevastopol'skaya st., 12, Exhibition hall.

Exhibition sections:

  • oil-and-gas fielding geology and geophysics;
  • oil and gas field exploiting, well construction;
  • oil and gas mining, oil refinement and oil chemistry machinery and technologies;
  • oil and gas machine construction, oil and gas mining installations service and oil-and-gas transporting and storing machinery;
  • oil, oil products and gas transporting and storing;
  • pipeline system and equipment restoration machinery and technologies;
  • modern pipeline and equipment corrosion preventing methods;
  • oil, gas and oil-refining industry installation construction;
  • new chemical and building materials manufacturing and use in oil and gas branch;
  • gaging equipment for oil mining, transporting and oil-refining installations;
  • oil mines automation systems;
  • energy-saving technologies;
  • oil-and-gas mining, transporting transporting, storing and refining installations ecological security;
  • new methodics and programs, using in oil-and-gas branch staff's education and skill-raising.

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