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Global Oil & Gas Atyrau - 2022

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North Caspian Regional Atyrau Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

Date: 06.04.2022 - 08.04.2022 

City: Atyrau - information about city

Holder: ITECA

Topics: Natural Resources, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Abay Center

Exhibition Sections:

  • Oil and gas production and processing
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Oil and gas transportation
  • Welding in oil and gas industry:
    • innovative solutions for welding, overlaying welding, soldering
    • inverter power sources for semi-automatic welding
    • quality management system for welding and soldering
    • technologies of repair and renewal operations in hard-to-reach places
    • protection systems
  • Coverings - corrosion resistant coatings for pipelines:
    • production of pipes with corrosion resistant coatings
    • application and restoration of a corrosion resistant coating on unobstructed paths and under plant conditions
    • covering of external and internal surfaces of storage tanks for oil, dark and light oil products
    • covering of submersible oilfield equipment
  • Engineering and consulting
  • Geophysical services
  • Environmental protection
  • Service in oil and gas fields
  • Environmental security
  • Personal and industrial protection equipment
  • Individual and industrial protection


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