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Oil. Gas. Chemistry - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

12th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 28.05.2009 - 29.05.2009 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holders: Apex, Parade-Expo

Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sport and Entertainment Complex "Zvyozdniy"

Exhibition is held within the framework of the exhibition project "Astrakhan. Oil and Gas. Energy".

Exhibition Sections:

  • Crude oil and gas
  • Chemical raw stuff
  • New methods and equipment for geology and geophysics
  • Technologies and equipment for oil and gas production
  • Modern technologies of projecting and building oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemical industry objects
  • Equipment, complete technological lines and plants for oil refining, gas and chemical industry
  • Production and supply oil-ang-gas field, drilling equipment
  • Equipment for liquefying and regasification of liquefied natural gas
  • Gas-cylinder equipment
  • Gasification, gas equipment, boilers, burners
  • Equipment for development of oil and gas fields
  • Development of hard to recover oil reserves and natural bitumen
  • Chemical reagents and catalysts
  • Synthetic rubbers, general mechanical rubber goods and tyres
  • Chemical technologies, scientific researches
  • Chemical products for municipal facilities
  • Equipment for chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Laboratory equipment and furniture
  • Pipes, pipelines, tanks
  • Outfit, fittings, accessories
  • Insulating and other materials
  • Corrosion protection of equipment and pipelines
  • Transporting and storage of oil, oil products, gas, and chemical products
  • Logistics and special transport
  • Oil products supplying enterprises, wholesale suppliers of POL
  • Projecting and building of petrol and gas filling complexes
  • Fuel trucks, oil tank trucks
  • Equipment for refuelling stations
  • Welding equipment and technologies
  • Machines, technologies, and equipment for welding and thermal cutting
  • Welding by friction, by resistance, high frequency welding
  • Equipment and technologies for building-up welding and sputtering, electric resistance welding, soldering
  • Galvanic equipment and technologies
  • Technologies of thermal sputtering
  • Auxiliary welding equipment
  • Equipment and technologies for production of welding electrodes
  • Welding materials and accessories, their production
  • Tools for welding and mechanical treatment
  • Control and measuring devices, automation means
  • Testing and control and analytical devices and systems
  • Automated systems of operational-dispatch control and accounting
  • Automated systems of technological processes and production management
  • Diagnostic and laboratory equipment, tools
  • Systems of remote monitoring and management
  • Automation, information technologies and software for refuelling stations
  • Section "Welding":
    • machines, equipment for electric-arc, plasmic, laser, gas, and electroclad welding and metal cutting
    • welding by friction, resistance, high frequency welding
    • equipment and technologies for building-up welding and sputtering
    • equipment and technologies electric resistance welding
    • equipment and technologies for soldering
    • specialized equipment and lines
    • auxiliary welding equipment
    • equipment and technologies for production of welding electrodes
    • welding materials and implements, their production
    • tools for welding and mechanical treatment
    • control and measuring machines and automation means
    • protection means, overalls

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