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Astrakhan. Oil & Gas. Energy - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

11th Industrial Specialized Exhibition of Oil-and-Gas and Power Engineering Complex

Date: 30.05.2008 - 31.05.2008 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holders: Apex, Parade-Expo

Topics: Natural Resources, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sports Palace "Spartak"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Oil-and-gas complex:
    • Subsection "Geology and geophysics. Oil-and-gas fields":
      • oil-and-gas field geology and geophysics
      • projecting, engineering developments in the field of subsurface management
      • development, construction and exploitation of oil-and-gas fields, technologies and equipment
      • production and supply of oil-and-gas and drilling equipment
      • automation of oil-and-gas extraction processes
      • building of objects of oil, gas, oil-and-gas refining and petrochemical industry
      • preparation and refining of natural gas and condensate
      • special machinery for servicing
      • investment projects and prospective fields developments
    • Subsection "Transporting and storage of oil-and-gas":
      • transporting and storage of oil, oil products, gas and chemical products
      • pipes and pipelines
      • machinery, technologies and equipment for production and maintenance of pipes, pipeline systems and equipment
      • machinery, technologies and equipment for pipelaying
      • armature, fittings, accessories
      • insulating and other materials
      • equipment and pipelines protection from corrosion
      • equipment and devices for flaw detection of pipelines
      • equipment and technologies for production of tanks
      • special transport
    • Subsection "Oil-and-gas and chemical mechanical engineering":
      • oil, gas, chemical mechanical engineering
      • equipment, technological lines and installations for oil refining and gas industry
      • equipment, technological lines and installations for chemical industry
      • diagnostic and laboratory equipment, tools
      • testing and control instrumentation and systems
    • Subsection "Products of oil-and-gas industry":
      • oil-and-gas and chemical raw materials, materials, reagents, catalyzators
      • products of basic chemistry. Products of basic organic synthesis
      • solid hydrocarbons. Products of wood chemical industry
      • synthetic resins and plastic masses
      • synthetic rubber
      • resin
      • chemical fibers
      • products for technical industrial purpose from chemical raw materials
      • chemical reagents
    • Subsection "Communication. Telecommunication. Management":
      • communication and telecommunication means
      • systems of automated management in oil-and-gas and chemical industry
      • computer equipment and software
    • Subsection "Safety. Ecology":
      • complex systems of fire extinguishing, gas contamination control and fire safety
      • safety systems and fire engineering
      • overalls and individual protection means
      • monitoring, environment control and protection (water, air, soil)
      • introduction of wasteless systems and production lines
      • environment protection, ecological monitoring
      • equipment and systems of water treatment, air and soil purification
      • equipment and technologies for neutralization, processing, utilization and regeneration of industrial wastes
    • Subsection "Welding":
      • machinery, equipment for arc-welding, plasma arc-welding, laser welding, gas welding, electroslag welding and cutting of metals
      • welding by friction, resistance, high frequency welding
      • equipment and technologies for building-up and sputter welding
      • equipment and technologies for electrical contact welding
      • equipment and technologies for soldering
      • specialized equipment and lines
      • ancillary welding equipment
      • equipment and technologies for production of welding electrodes
      • welding materials and accessories, their production
      • tools for welding and mechanical treatment
      • control instrumentation and automation means
      • protection means, overalls
  • Energy complex:
    • Energy efficient and resources saving technologies, systems, equipment for production and distribution of heat and electric energy
    • Energy efficient technologies in industry, railway transport, agriculture
    • Equipment and management systems, automated and information systems
    • Power electronics, electronic and electromechanical elements and components
    • Systems of energy supply on the base of small and non-traditional power engineering, autonomous sources of heat and electric energy
    • Heat and electric energy accounting devices and systems
    • Control instrumentation
    • Regulated electrodrives, electrotechnological equipment and electrical technologies, providing energy saving
    • Wiring and cable products
    • Electrotechnical equipment
    • Energy and resources saving machinery
    • Engineering communications: heat, electrical networks, equipment of heating units, transmission and distributing networks
    • Equipment for heat supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Technologies, equipment, materials for systems of heat-, gas-, electricity supply in the field of municipal services
    • Modern heat insulating materials
    • Energy management, energy audit

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