Металлобработка. Металлургия - 2024
Металлобработка. Металлургия - 2024

Innovative Mining-and-Metallurgical Forum - 2008

Attention! The event is over.


Date: 17.09.2008 - 17.09.2008 

City: Almaty - information about city

Holder: ITECA

Topics: Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Guest house "Bakshasaray"

Forum Sections:

  • Innovative policy in mining-and-metallurgy industry
  • Current state of mining-and-metallurgical complex in Kazakhstan Republic
  • Strategy of innovative reorganization implementation
  • Techniques and technologies for innovative reorganization in mining-and-metallurgical complex
  • Operational safety and environment protection in mining-and-metallurgical industry

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