Металлургмаш. Литмаш. Металлоконструкции - 2025 (г. Екатеринбург)
Металлургмаш. Литмаш. Металлоконструкции - 2025 (г. Екатеринбург)

Maternity and Childhood - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

the next exhibition Maternity and Childhood - 2024

Speicalized Trade Fair of Goods and Services for Children and Mothers

Date: 13.10.2016 - 16.10.2016 

City: Minsk - information about city


Topic: Consumer Goods


Venue: The pavilion, 14, Pobediteley avenue

4th Specialized exhibition-forum of goods and services for mothers and children "Maternity and Childhood", is annually dedicated to the celebration of Mother's Day , - is an exhibition for the whole family, as well as for specialists of preschool institutions and primary education:
- for profile professionals and parents - a wide range of children's products and services, expert advice, educational seminars and workshops;
- for children - games and contests, entertainment and educational events, actions.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Pregnancy and birth:
    • medical centers and maternity clinics
    • schools for parents
    • pre-conception and reproduction clinics
    • maternity care
    • clothes and lingerie for pregnant and nursing mothers
    • makeup and personal hygiene products for pregnant and nursing mothers
    • food for pregnant and nursing mothers
    • medical drugs
    • post-birth recovery
  • Products for newborns and babies:
    • accessories for breast-feeding, special devices for feeding, containers, bottles, heating devices
    • baby-walkers, baby chairs, play pens, potties, toilet seats, steps, bibs
    • baby food, drinks
    • drugs, dietary therapy, vitamins
    • newborn hygiene products
    • bedding for newborns
    • clothes, footwear, headdresses, accessories
    • furniture and interior decor for nurseries, mattresses
    • prams
    • child safety seats
    • devices for security and development of the baby
    • radio- and video baby monitor, scales, thermometers
    • games, toys, play pens
    • musical instruments
    • books, magazines for children and parents
  • Pre-school education and development:
    • forwardness of child
    • preparation for school
  • Additional education for children:
    • educational centers
    • palaces, houses for children and youth crafts
    • music schools
    • dance studios
    • theater studios
    • art schools
    • language schools
    • model agencies
  • Entertainment and leisure-time:
    • children's entertainment centers
    • sport and swimming courses
    • cultural-cognitive institutions
    • amusement rides, theme parks
    • zoos, dolphinariums
    • planetariums
    • ice stadiums
    • circus
    • theaters
    • cinemas
    • concert halls
    • children sport, fitness
  • Services for children and parents:
    • government to children: social services, centers of social care for families and children, organizations for children with limited capacities
    • charity organizations
    • children's health improvement, health resorts and summer camps
    • family entertainment institutions, tourism and rest
    • banking services
    • child insurance programs
    • family photo studios

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