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Рудник.Урал - 2024

Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixes - 2015

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17th International Construction Forum

Date: 01.12.2015 - 03.12.2015 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: International Analytical Review "ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixes"

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

International specialized exhibition called "Equipment and plants for concrete goods, concrete elements plants and crushing and grading plants - PreCast":

  • Equipment for small goods, concrete structures forming
  • Concrete mixing stations and nodes
  • Modifying additives and pigments
  • Equipment for thermomoist processing of goods and constructions
  • Departmental and factory logistics
  • Warehousing and processing of raw material and final goods
  • Automation and quality control of production
  • Fittings. Equipment for reinforcing
  • Mixers, batchers

International specialized exhibition called "En block house building: Cement factories. Equipment. Timbering - ConTech":

  • Equipment and technological lines for manufacturing of precast reinforced concrete structures, blocks, small-parts products
  • Additives for precast cement manufacturing
  • Molding equipment and mold lubricant
  • Silos, mixers, batchers
  • Fittings. Equipment for reinforcing
  • Autoclave blown-out concrete: equipment and complex factories
  • Modern flexible technologies in the sphere of industrial house building
  • Complex systems of mechanization and automation in manufacturing of precast concrete products
  • Quality control and test facilities
  • Recycling of concrete
  • Architectural concrete
  • Complete batching plant

International specialized exhibition called "Modernization od cement industry - ExpoXem":

  • Equipment for extraction and preparing of raw material
  • Effective technologies and equipment for reconstructing and modernization of plants
  • Resource and energy saving during cement manufacturing
  • Quality control and monitor system
  • New types of cement-based binders
  • Crates, package, transporting and storing of cement
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Ecology, waste and alternative fuels use
  • Fireproof materials

International specialized exhibition called "Dry mixes, cement and solutions - EuroMix":

  • Cement, lime, plaster
  • Sand, crushed stone, lightweight aggregates
  • Chemical and mineral additives
  • Dry building mixes
  • Heavy, light and cell cement
  • Equipment for dry mixes processing
  • Equipment for dry mixes, ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixes processing
  • Equipment for cement and reinforced cement constructions and goods manufacturing
  • Transporting, containers, package
  • Testing equipment and machines

International specialized conferencies:

  • 4th World conference called "Lowering of energy consumption and CO2 emission in the cement industry of fast developing countries - CemEnergy"
  • 17th International Science-Technology Conference Called "Modern Technologies of Dry Mixes in the Sphere of Construction - MixBuild"
  • 4th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Industrial Housebuilding - Potential for Development of Housing Construction in EurAsEC Countries - BlockRead"
  • 3rd International research/practice conference called "Exploitation and durability of constructions made from the autoclave blown-out concrete - ConAer"

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