MedSib. Health Care of Siberia - 2013

Attention! The event is over.

24th International Medical Exhibition

Date: 22.05.2013 - 24.05.2013 

City: Novosibirsk - information about city

Holder: ITE Siberia

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: International Exhibition Center "Novosibirsk Expo Centre"

Exhibition Sections:


  • Medical facilities, equipment, instruments, diagnostics:
    • diagnostic tools and equipment
    • laser facilities and devices
    • equipment for surgeries
    • medical facilities for emergency services
    • medical instruments and supplies
    • complex equipping of hospitals, medical institutions, sanatoriums
    • modern methods of medical diagnostics
  • Laboratory equipment, diagnostics:
    • laboratory equipment, reagents, test kits
    • laboratory diagnostics
  • Modern methods and technologies in medicine:
    • in cardiology
    • in oncology
    • in neurosurgery
    • in ophthalmology
    • in traumatology
    • in reproductive medicine
    • in endocrinology
    • in treatment of infectious and viral diseases
    • in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology
    • nanotechnologies in medicine
  • Sanitation, supplies, medical clothes:
    • devices, equipment and means of disinfection, sterilization, storage and elimination of wastes of medical and prophylactic institution
    • supplies
    • medical clothes and PPE
    • care products for patients
    • hygiene products
  • Medical and laboratory equipment:
    • furniture for hospitals, pharmacies, health centers
    • laboratory furniture
  • Sibpharma:
    • pharmaceutical ingredients and raw materials
    • equipment for laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers and chemist's shop
    • pharmaceutical products
    • homeopathy
    • phytotherapy
    • dietary supplements, natural products
    • diagnostic test systems, chemical agents, laboratory diagnostics
    • mineral waters: mineral waters, table waters
    • pharmaceutical packing
    • information technology in pharmacy
  • Optics:
    • equipment and technologies for optics production
    • spectacles, lenses for glasses, contact lenses, care products
    • accessories, spare parts, cases
  • Research and educational institutions
  • State and municipal programs in the field of medicine and health service, development of medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Specialized Media

Public health service of Siberia:

  • Medical services:
    • services of multi-service medical centers, special clinics
    • services of laboratory and diagnostic centers
    • services of homeopathic centers and clinics
    • services of sanatoriums, preventative clinics, rest houses
    • telemedicine, Internet medicine
    • emergency medicine
    • health insurance programs
    • state and local municipal programs in health service
  • Treatment and internships abroad:
    • treatment and rehabilitation in foreign clinics
    • internships and professional training for health workers abroad
    • services to provide treatment and internship in foreign clinics
  • Rehabilitation medicine:
    • services of rehabilitation centers
    • programs and means of disability prevention
    • equipment for rehabilitation centers
    • means of transport and special equipment for disabled persons
    • aids for rehabilitation and care for disabled persons
  • Siberian health:
    • medical facilities and devices for home use
    • massagers, electric massage equipment
    • therapeutic and preventive cosmetics
    • health improvement programs
    • programs and healthy nutrition products, vitamins
    • clean drinking water
    • herbal medicine, herbals, dietary supplements
    • bee keeping products
    • personal hygiene
    • curative and preventive compression stockings
    • contraceptives, intimate goods

Additional information: