Medcib. Health Siberia - 2007

Attention! The event is over.

18th International Medical Exhibition

Date: 22.05.2007 - 24.05.2007 

City: Novosibirsk - information about city

Holder: ITE Siberia

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: International Trade Center "Novosibirsk

Exhibition Sections:

  • Medical equipment and instruments:
    • Diagnostic equipment, diagnostic tools
    • X-ray diagnostics and radiotherapy
    • Radiation medicine equipment
    • Electromedical equipment and tools
    • Endoscopic equipment and implements
    • Mechanical equipment
    • Equipment for therapy
    • Infusomats
    • Operation equipment
    • Equipment for morbid anatomy departments and for services of forensic medical examination
    • Medical equipment for ambulance
    • Instruments for injections, puncture, infusion, anesthesia, reanimations and intensive nursing, gynecology, surgery, otolaryngology, orthopedy, urology
    • Electrosurgical equipment, instruments
  • Pharmaceutics:
    • Modern technologies in the production of pharmaceutical production
    • Equipment for manufacture and production of medical products
    • Pharmaceutical production: raw materials, materials, ready forms
    • Pharmaceutical packing
    • IT in pharmaceutics
    • Laboratory equipment and medications, implements and reagents
    • Equipment for hemoperfusion, hemodialysis etc.
  • Cardiology:
    • Equipment for diagnostics and treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system, nervous system
    • Equipment and instruments for cardiosurgery
  • Ophthalmology:
    • Modern methodes, technologies and equipment applied in ophthalmology and optical productoin
    • Lenses for glasses of all types
    • Contact lenses
    • Accessories, spare parts, cases
    • Optical mediums
    • Optical instruments for oculists
  • Food supplements
  • Phytotherapy
  • Equipment and facilities for practies, hospitals and health resorts
  • Medical services
  • Euipment for disinfection, deratization, sterilizations
  • Means of disinfection, deratization, sterilizations
  • Sanitary units. Equipment and means of hospital infection control
  • Systems of a complex computerization of medical institutions, hospitals, medical centers, drugstores
  • Medicine of accidents
  • Telemedicine, Internet-medicine
  • Sanatoria, preventorium, rest houses
  • Equipment for gathering, storage and waste disposals of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions
  • Medical clothes
  • Allowed to use in house conditions: the equipment, facilities, instruments, techniques, materials and means for family health improvement
  • Children's food, goods for children and newborns
  • Mineral water( medical, table mineral water)
  • Special literature

Specialized exhibition of the goods and services for old people; technologies and the equipment for rehabilitation of invalids and people with the limited opportunities

Exhibition Sections:

  • Prosthesis
  • Aids for rehabilitation and nursing, means of transportation of invalids and spesial technics
  • Spesial educational programmes
  • Equipment for rehabilitation centres
  • Programmes and preventive measures of disablement
  • IT in rehabilitation of invalids

The exhibition of hygienic means, cosmetics, sports and massage implements, food supplements, balanced food,vitamins, phytomedication, intimate purpose goods, contraceptives, cosmetic and health imrpoving services

Exhibition Sections:

  • Cosmetology equipment and technologies
  • Fitness-center, solarum, beauty shop equipment
  • Personal hygiene and medical cosmetics means
  • Sports trainers
  • Electromassage equipment
  • Balanced feed preparations
  • Vitamins and fito-preparations
  • Contraceptives
  • Intimate purpose goods

International spesialized exhibition of stomatological equipment, instruments and materials

Exhibition Sections:

  • Stomatological equipment and instruments
  • Equipment and materials for dental and casting laboratories
  • Systems and instruments for dental implantation
  • Modern stomatological methodes and technologies
  • Materials and instruments for bone grafting and oral surgery
  • Stomatological materials
  • Anesthetics and materials for dental surgery
  • X-ray equipment, materials, radiovisors
  • Infection control units
  • Means of disinfection and sterilization, disposable articles
  • Hygienic products for looking after oral cavity and denture
  • Orthodontic products
  • Optical component parts for stomatology

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