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Kuban Manor - 2007

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5th Specialized Exhibition-Fair of Landscape Design and Country-House Construction, Floriculture and Seed-Growing, and Means of Garden Care

Date: 15.02.2007 - 18.02.2007 

City: Krasnodar - information about city

Holder: "KrasnodarEXPO"

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Building and real estate




Venue: Exhibition Centre "Kuban EXPOCENTER"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Summer cottage, homestead land:
    • Seeds, planting material
    • Means of cultivation
    • Selection and seed-growing
    • Agriculture mini-machines
    • Garden tools
    • Technologies and technological equipment, hothouses, covering material, etc.
    • Means of plants protection, fertilizers, additional fertilizing
    • Agricultural pests fighting
    • Means of keeping and looking after farm animals
    • Veterinary medicine and services
    • Fodder for farm animals
    • Systems of watering and irrigation
  • Landscape design and land improvement:
    • Landscape design and planting of greenery
    • Agricultural mini-machines
    • Small architectural forms and garden sculptures, benches, pergolas, awnings, etc.
    • Decorative ponds, fountains, waterfalls, alpine hills
    • Stationary and mobile mini swimming-pools
    • Watering systems, drainage, illumination for gardens and swimming-pools
    • Art forging and moulding
    • Country-house and garden furniture
    • Items for country rest
    • Summer cottages
    • Saunas, shower cabins, dry closets
    • Hothouses, winter gardens
    • Paving, ceramics and mosaics in the landscaping
    • Models of fences, gates and wickets
  • Flora in our house:
    • Decorative and pot plants
    • Related products for floriculture
    • Decorative ceramics, glass, porcelain, plastics, wicker articles
    • Flouristic stuff and accessories
    • Soil, fertilizers, eco-mixtures
    • Protection of room plants from plant pests and diseases
    • Specialized literature

Additional information: