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Kazavtodor - KazTraffic - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition

Date: 17.11.2016 - 18.11.2016 

City: Astana - information about city

Holder: Company "VS-ExpoCom"

Topics: Building and real estate, Municipal Management, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: Exhibition centre "Korme"

Exhibition Sections:

"Kazautodor - 2016":

  • Road-building, excavation special machines, municipal vehicles, machines for highway maintenance, crushing and grading complexes, asphalt-concrete and cement-concrete plants and laying complexes
  • Advanced technologies and materials for building, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of autoroads, road bridges and crossunders
  • Technologies, machines and materials for building, repair and maintenance of airdromes
  • Special machines and equipment for ground service of airdromes
  • Tunnel and bridge construction, repair and facilities maintenance
  • Road asphalts and lubricating stuff
  • Devices and equipment for material inspection, diagnostics and operational control of road work quality and current state of road surface, bridges and tunnels
  • Engineering. Advanced technologies for preliminary design and design works on basis of using GLONASS/GPS. 3D designing
  • Software and connections
  • Geophysical, geothechnical, drilling and blasting works
  • Work wear
  • Education system and staff training activities
  • Leasing and rent of construction machines and equipment
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Specialized mass media

"KazTraffic - 2016":

  • Intelligent transport systems for road complex management:
    • toll roads: pay management systems, control of motor transport parameters and compliance with the requirements of using toll roads
    • positioning systems on basis of GLONASS/GPS
    • systems of safety communication on road with first responders
    • systems of information support for road users
    • weather control on road
    • communication systems (telecommunication systems and cellular communication)
    • systems of photo and video recording and road traffic control
    • control and recording systems for following traffic regulations
    • automatic test systems for transport weights and external dimensions
  • International transport corridors and logistics:
    • carriage by road, air, rail and water transport, courier and overnight delivery
    • freight forwarding, warehousing services, warehouses and processing centers
    • insurance and leasing of transport equipment
    • controlling systems for transport and warehousing logistics
    • navigation and monitoring systems
  • Road safety management:
    • interactive information support: road signs, traffic lights, display boards
    • road surface marking, guard rails and sound barriers
    • energy-saving systems of road and street lighting, illuminating devices
    • protective clothes and overalls
    • safety equipment
  • Motorway service:
    • modern solutions for motorway service management and roadside areas arrangement
    • complex solutions for motorway service management and integrated part of the complex
    • private-public partnership in the system of motorway service management
  • Parking management:
    • parkings: systems of providing drivers with information on location of parkings and space availability, systems of payment and account, visual surveillance and safety
    • barriers, materials, parking garages

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