Электроника России - 2024
Электроника России - 2024

KazMet - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

5th Central Asian International Exhibition "Metallurgy, Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering"

Date: 19.09.2012 - 21.09.2012 

City: Almaty - information about city

Holder: ITECA

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: "Atakent"

An additional advantage of the "KazMet" exhibition is the fact that it is held together with an exhibition of mining equipment and technologies of mining and enrichment of ores and minerals - "MiningWorld Central Asia - 2012" (the largest in Central Asia). Annually, it gathers experts, equipment manufacturers, representatives of the mining and ore processing industry from the Central Asian Region and more than 28 countries.

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Developing this sector in the country and identifying the regional potential
  2. Introducing the latest achievements in metallurgy, metal-working and machine-building sectors

The exhibition provides great possibilities to establish and further develop the existing business relations, as well as access new markets. You shall be able to show your products and find new partners for cooperation not only in Kazakhstan, but in the whole Central Asia.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Metallurgy:
    • melting and foundry equipment
    • molding and core-making machines
    • equipment and gears for quality control
    • shot-blasting machines
    • equipment for special casting processes
    • logistic support of casting shop
    • equipment for materials testing and non-destructive testing
    • equipment and materials for pattern making
    • foundry technologies
    • foundry computerization
    • mouldings
    • non-ferrous metallurgy
    • different types of industrial burning and drying furnaces
    • modern combustion wells
    • equipment for waste-heat recovery
    • furnace gears and automation systems
    • furnace machines and components
    • computerization of industrial furnaces for waste utilization
    • plants and equipment for mill products and raw materials treatment
    • plants and equipment for cast-iron, steel production
    • plants and equipment for non-ferrous metallurgy
    • plants and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel, non-ferrous metals
    • plants and equipment for steel casting, non-ferrous metals casting
    • products of steelmaking and non-ferrous metallurgy, ferroalloys, fireproof materials
    • electrical engineering and automation, technologies of metallurgical and rolling production
    • miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
    • consultation, planning, services
    • technical publications and periodicals
  • Metal-working and machinery construction:
    • metal cutting machine tools
    • machining centers and milling machines
    • metal turning lathes, boring machines, gear cutting machines
    • cutting, horizontal shaping, broaching and planning machines
    • drilling and tapping machines
    • machines of unified construction and modular units
    • machining centers and machines with parallel kinematics (hexapods, RFM)
    • cutter grinding machines
    • lapping and super-finishing machines
    • pressure metal working machines
    • machines for sheet metal cutting and machining centers
    • shears for sheet, plates, billets, strap iron, profile cutting
    • spinning machines for sheet iron, strap iron, profile
    • bending and forge-and-press machines for strap iron, valves and pipes
    • wire-forming machines
    • multiple-point press, nibbling machines
    • presses
    • non-traditional machines and equipment of special purpose
    • die sinking (EDM)
    • wire cutting (EDM)
    • machines for electrochemical treatment
    • gas-cutting machines
    • laser-cutting machines
    • equipment for plasma cutting
    • machines for water jet cutting
    • machines for pipes production
    • wire drawing machines
    • rapid prototyping manufacturing (RPM)
    • assembly machines
    • treating and degreasing plants
    • marking and engraving machines
    • machines for surface treatment and coating
    • vacuum forming machines
    • systems with numerical program control, digital readout units, machine tools
    • components for machines and auxiliary equipment
    • abrasives, cutting tools, holder-adapters and related products
    • control instrumentation

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