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ITO - 2013

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23rd Annual Conference and Exhibition "Information Technologies in Education"

Date: 06.11.2013 - 07.11.2013 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: "BIT pro"

Topic: Information Technologies and Communications




Venue: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Goal of the conference and exhibition - to analyze the issues related to the improvement of educational processes based on the advanced information and communication technologies.

The conference shall include:

  • The selling exhibition of computer equipment
  • Educational equipment
  • Computer programs
  • Courseware
  • Presentations of the new educational programs

The conference shall operate in the following areas:

  • Informatics in school:
    • course of modern school informatics, the course role in the the basic program of an educational institution
    • principal trends of development of the modern school informatic course: continuity, fundamentality, integration of educational content
    • informatic subject and methods of teaching in the context of introduction of federal educational standards
    • issues on school education in the field of information technologies, training for State Final Examination and Unified State Examination
    • extracurricular work on informatics and ICT: hobby groups, competitions, academic competitions
    • expectations for teaching informatics in primary, secondary and senior school, study materials for teaching informatics in school
  • ICT in training process and extracurricular activity:
    • ICT as interdisciplinary element of school education
    • using ICT in holding lessons on various subjects
    • experience of collaboration work of informatics teacher and a subject teacher
    • projecting teaching situation in the present-day information and educational milieu
    • educational technologies based on ICT
    • alteration of role of a teacher and new opportunities for training in conditions of using ICT
    • issues on efficiency of using electronic educational resources
    • electronic textbooks and teaching materials
    • using ICT in extracurricular activity
  • Experience on organizing educational process based on Internet-technologies:
    • means of electronic support for cources - experience of development and use
    • private web-site (page on the internet) - means and methods of creating, experience of using
    • school electronic register, other electronic means for documents preparation
  • Social networks. Risks and opportunities:
    • social networks for teachers as means of establishing professional connections, sharing experiences and organizing collaboration work
    • using unspecialized social services
    • experience in organizing educational space in social networks
    • protection of sensitive data and reputation in social networks, and teaching literate using of social networks
  • Training and advanced training of teachers in the field of informatization of education:
    • ICT-competence as an important part of professional standart of a teacher
    • training of future teachers in the field of informatics and ICT in higher education institutions
    • development of ICT-competence of a teacher in the course of advanced vocational training, continuous training of teachers in the field of using means of ICT in professional activities
  • State and the industry-specific registration of intellectual activity developed by means of ICT:
    • issues of state and the industry-specific registration of intellectual activity of leaners and teachers of general education institutions, students and higher-education teaching personnel, scientific and educational staff
    • specifity of accounting electronic developments as an element of scientific potential of educational institutions
    • development of informational scientific and educational milieu of schools and higher education institutions
    • issues on author's rights for electronic developments

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