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Exporail. Intertunnel. Transcon. Transport Congress - 2010

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International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 17.03.2010 - 19.03.2010 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: RESTEC

Topics: Building and real estate, Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation


Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:


  • Production of railway vehicles and components
  • Projecting and building of railways, infrastructure facilities
  • Maintenance of railways and infrastructure, signal equipment
  • Equipment and services on railway electrification and electricity supply
  • Equipment and services for locomotive repair and service maintenance
  • Electronic components and modules, electrics and electrical engineering
  • Production of ready to operate equipment
  • Research and projecting on railway transport
  • Fare payment systems and information systems
  • Passenger and freight transportation support
  • Projection, building, and outfitting of railway stations
  • Centralized traffic control and train dispatching
  • Safety systems
  • Leasing, insurance, and other financial services
  • Consulting services, professional training


  • Projecting of tunnels and scientific developments
  • Building of tunnels
  • Equipment and building materials
  • Special building machines
  • Engineering systems: venting, water and heat supply, lighting
  • Software and communication
  • Fire, environmental safety, and other types of safety support
  • Monitoring, geotechnical and geodetic works
  • Works quality control and diagnostics
  • Projecting of underground complexes
  • Investments and insurance


  • Projecting and building of transport facilities
  • Engineering support, projecting and laying of engineering networks
  • Materials and structures for building, maintenance, and repair of transport facilities
  • Systems and technical means of works safety, quality diagnostics and control
  • Traffic management systems, signs and marking
  • Software and communication
  • Investments and insurance of transport facilities, vehicles, equipment
  • Safety: diagnostics of operational condition, ecology, emergency prevention
  • Systems of education and personnel training
  • Specialized section "Roads and bridges":
    • roads: federal roads, municipal and goods lines, roads for city vehicles, ring-roads, ring highways
    • projecting and building of bridges and overhead roads
    • road building machines and equipment
    • roadside service: parkings, parking lots, public transport stops, filling stations, catering and hotel service, check points
    • service maintenance of public transport: control centers, depots, parks, car wash, repair complexes
    • traffic organization: traffic lights, regulating systems, road signs, rails, marking
    • information systems: fare payment, displays and display panels, control systems, communication means
  • Specialized section "Ports and terminals":
    • river and sea ports, harbor stations and terminals
    • hydraulic workss: fairways, channels, dumbs, pipelines, coast protective structures
    • technologies and materials for repair of port equipment and hydraulic works
    • vehicles, technologies, and equipment for transportation, storage, transhipment, handling, protection of freights
    • sea and river ferry crossings, engineering structures for coastal facilities of ferry lines
  • Specialized section "Airports":
    • projecting, building, operation of airports
    • airport infrastructure
    • airfield structures and facilities (airport infrastructure)
    • air traffic organization: management, control, safety
    • ground services

"Transport congress":

  • Innovation in the field of production of modern railway vehicles in CIS countries:
    • new technologies in production and operation of railway vehicles
    • introduction of new products, facilitation of new progressive developments introduction mechanisms
    • experience of international cooperation in production of goods for railway transportations
    • experience of using foreign machines on the 1520 territory
    • readiness of carriage works for increasing of freight transportations
  • Investments into transport infrastructure. Public private partnership:
    • modern technologies of transport facilities building
    • transportations safety problems
    • public private partnership in realization of transportation projects
    • creation of intelligent transportation systems
  • Transport tunnels for future federal roads:
    • building of tunnels under cities (using the example of Moscow, Saint Petersburg)
    • building of tunnels under Bering Strait and Nevelski Strait on the Sakhalin Island
    • projecting and building of tunnels in Sochi vicinities
    • influence of difficult economical condition on the speed of tunnels building

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