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Exhibition on Textile Industry

Date: 09.11.2011 - 11.11.2011 

City: Guangzhou - information about city

Holder: Guangdong Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Exhibition Centre Pazhou

Exhibition Sections:

  • Fabric: linen, silk, cotton, chemical fibre, wool, knitting,coating fabric, all kinds of complex fabric, functional fabric, defend static, defend oil, waterproof, firre-retardant, radiation protection fabric, silky luster of mercerized fabric, glistening fabric, elasticity fabric, non-woven, and nanometer technology
  • Yarns, fibre: knitting yarn, tatting yarn, socks yarn, clothing yarn,imitates design yarn of wool yarn, fancy yarn, synthetic fibre
  • Accessories: embroidering, lace, lining, button, thread bringing, trademark, fittings, zipper, clothes hanger
  • Homing textile: bedding, kitchen textiles, curtain fabrics, related clothing, designing and related system
  • Textile raw materials: natural fiber, synthetic fiber, plant fiber, additives
  • The design and production system: CAD/CAM, the computer aided designing, produce auxiliary system, design import system, samples, CD, specialized newspaper and magazine
  • Knitting machinery: circular knitting machine, jacquard machine, hosiery machine, computer horizontal plait machine, knitting machine, glove machine,crocheting knitting machine, braiding machine
  • Spinning machinery: roving machine, spinning frame, twisting machine, bobbin winder, double twist frames, drawing frame, reeling machine, chemical fiber machinery and equipment, weaving machine
  • Weaving machinery: rapier looms, air-jet looms, shuttle loom, ribbon loom, label marking machine, warping machine, inspecting and rolling machine
  • Dyeing and finishing machinery: all kinds of wandering, dyeing, finishing machine, setting machine, dryer, preshrinking machine, printing machine
  • Embroider machine: various computerized embroider machine, shuttle embroider machine, embroider machinery parts
  • Garment equipment: designing, cutting, laser, CAD/CAM systems; pre-sewing, sewing equipment; embroidering, quilting equipment; after sewing, distribution, ironing equipment; other related equipments, materials, auxiliary materials; information services
  • Textile spare parts and accessories: a variety of textile instruments, electrical machinery, equipment, computer-aided equipment, textiles and software technology, humidification, air-conditioning dust removal equipment, non-woven machinery and equipment, non-woven machinery, textile machinery and accessories

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