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MIIF. InterTechSalon - 2006

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The 5th International Specialized Exhibition "Automation and Information Technologies in Industry"

Date: 24.10.2006 - 27.10.2006 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Bizon-95ST

Topics: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: All-Russia Exhibition Center, pavilion 69, Moscow.

Exhibition Sections:

Information Management Systems of Industrial Automation:

  • Industrial control systems
  • Computer-aided systems of operational dispatch control
  • Computer-aided systems of control and accounting of electric power
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES-systems)
  • Enterprise Asset Management systems (EAM-systems)
  • Remote monitoring and management of territorial distributed objects

Automation of Measurements and Testing:

  • Automation test bench
  • Control and measuring systems, technical diagnostics systems and technological monitoring systems
  • Automated instrumental complexes
  • Protocols analyzers, logic analyzers and logical signals generators

Automation Tools and Systems:

  • Technological programming languages and supporting means of the design of automation measuring systems, tests and "virtual" devices
  • Systems of design and programming of computer-aided testing complexes (CAT-systems)
  • Systems of adaptable automation for experimental and technological units (ACTEST-systems)
  • Support systems for integrated automation of enterprises and operator's stations (SCADA-systems)

Hardware and Software Platforms:

  • Programmed logical controllers
  • Boards and data acquisition units, input-output devices
  • Software for acquisition, processing and storage of data
  • Computer vision systems
  • Industrial computers and industrial workstations (WKS)
  • Sensors and actuators

Program-Technical Complexes:

  • Embedded systems
  • Systems for severe environment and military applications
  • Mobile and offline systems
  • Problem oriented and special-purpose systems

"Smart House" and Intelligent Systems:

  • Design work
  • Mounting works (laying of engineering services)
  • Intelligent engineering systems programming
  • Modernization of engineering systems

Communications Technologies:

  • Network hardware LAN, MAN, WAN
  • Communications hardware of operator's class
  • Service access hardware
  • Corporate communications centers (including automatic branch exchanges, call centers, IP-gateways, Videoconferencing, etc.)
  • Satellite communication
  • Billing systems
  • Cable framework
  • Network building and service means
  • Batch data transfer networks

Information Technologies:

  • Internet/internet technologies
  • Financial and analytical systems
  • GRM-systems
  • ERR-systems
  • MRP-systems
  • Automation of office work and archiving

Informational Security:

  • Firmware protection of servers and workstations
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Unauthorized access protection
  • Security in internet
  • VPN-technologies
  • Electronic security systems for hardware protection

Computer-Aided Design Systems:

  • Architecture, scalability and new functional capacities
  • Business processes management, WEB-extensions etc
  • Enterprise activity index monitoring, review and analysis
  • Application I&R databases
  • Fixed assets control and logistics tasks automation and integration
  • Applied solutions for industrial enterprises

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