UralStroyExpo. Efficient Use of Energy and Resources - 2016

Attention! The event is over.

9th Interregional Specialized Exhibition

Date: 16.03.2016 - 19.03.2016 

City: Chelyabinsk - information about city

Holder: "The First Exhibition Union"

Topic: Building and real estate




Venue: Palace of Sports "Yunost"

Their products at the exhibition will present more than 150 companies from all over Russia, who will demonstrate the Chelyabinsk authorities, enterprises and professionals the latest achievements of the construction industry.

Exhibition Goal is to give a real support to participants of building industry market and sectors connected with it through the involving of all interested parties into constructive dialogue, for joint searching of solutions of business development in new conditions.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Building materials. Design:
    • buildings and structures, monolithic construction
    • glazing systems, facade, roofing, mansard systems
    • insulation materials
    • building construction
    • equipment for manufacture of building materials
    • equipment and tools for construction works
    • ecological materials and technologies in construction
  • Decorating materials. Design. Interior:
    • wall coverings; floor coverings; ceilings; levelling floors
    • construction chemicals
    • dry mixes
    • facade materials, paints and varnishes
    • products from natural and artificial stone, ceramic tile
    • carpentry (trims, baseboard, layout)
    • windows, doors, furniture, glass, mosaics, stained glass, fireplaces; stoves
    • delicate forging
    • technologies and equipment for production of finishing materials
    • sanitary equipment and accessories
    • lighting and lighting devices
    • room design, furnishings, decor items
  • Engineering support:
    • engineering networks: products, components, equipment
    • gas, heat, water, sewer; electricity
    • metering systems and devices
    • pipelines; pumps; heating equipment
    • lifts
    • ventilation and air conditioning
    • cables and wires; wiring accessories
  • Ensuring of safety in construction:
    • means of labour protection and safety
    • fire protection equipment and materials
    • burglar alarms, locks, safes
    • overalls and individual protection means

A special section of the exhibition "Special equipment":

  • Construction equipment
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Road machinery
  • Excavators, loaders, earth moving machines
  • Machines for repair and maintenance of roads
  • Equipment for pile works
  • Pump, pumps and equipment for trench and underground works
  • Lifting equipment, cranes, transporters
  • Equipment for realization of concrete works
  • Compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic tools
  • Generators, mobile power stations, engines
  • Equipment for destruction and demolition
  • The equipment for processing of construction waste
  • Equipment for transporting of machinery and materials
  • Tools, auxiliary and repair equipment
  • Spare parts and components for machines and mechanisms
  • New technologies and development of machinery and equipment
  • Rental and leasing machinery and equipment

A special section of the exhibition, "Smart house. Intelligent building":

  • Automated control systems life support
  • System automation and control, sensors, sensors, controllers
  • Security
  • Saving, uninterrupted power supply, renewable energy, energy efficiency
  • Lighting and lighting equipment
  • Climatic systems
  • Information technology

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