UralStroyExpo. Efficient Use of Energy and Resources. Utilities - new standards - 2015

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8th Interregional Specialized Exhibition

Date: 11.03.2015 - 14.03.2015 

City: Chelyabinsk - information about city

Holder: "The First Exhibition Union"

Topic: Building and real estate




Venue: Palace of Sports "Yunost"

Goods for construction of cottages, baths, improvement of surrounding area will be presented at the exhibition. Here companies operating in construction will find materials for house building, road laying, improvement of property of facilities maintenance, means for building operation modernization and many other things. Leading specialists in the field of energy and resource consumption will present the latest developments at the exhibition. They will demonstrate means and resources which will help consume energy less.

Exhibition Goal is to give a real support to participants of building industry market and sectors connected with it through the involving of all interested parties into constructive dialogue, for joint searching of solutions of business development in new conditions.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Construction materials. Structures:
    • rolled metal for construction, metal-work protection, construction chemicals
    • profiled sheeting, sandwich-panels
    • cement, concrete, ferroconcrete and concrete items, dry mixtures, plasterboard, plasterworks, brick
    • facade, roofing systems, glass cover systems
    • hydraulic insulating, thermal insulating and sound-insulating materials
    • stairs, stair railings, enclosure structures
    • wall structures, partitions
    • scaffolding and machinery for roofing
    • casing and armature
  • Finishing and facing materials. Interior:
    • facade materials, lacquer-and-paint products
    • sealing materials, glues, foams, anticorrosive mastics and other protective materials
    • filling floors, ceilings, floor coverings, wall panels of polyvinylchloride, fiberboard, wall coverings
    • articles of natural and artificial stone, ceramic tile
    • cabinet work (platbands, plinths, fillets)
    • windows, doors, fittings, glass, mosaics, stained glass windows, fireplaces, stoves
    • open-work forging
  • Equipment for the production of construction materials
  • Equipment for sports and children's grounds
  • Construction and load-lifting equipment, machinery and gears, devices
  • Road-building and cleaning machines. Materials for highway construction. Special motor vehicles
  • Materials and equipment for paving and road covering, territory improvements
  • Gates and automatic machinery
  • Wooden house-building
  • Architectural and town-planning developments
  • Construction and repairs
  • Means of labor protection and safety measures in construction, working clothes and shoes
  • Security systems for buildings and structures, fire protection
  • Insulators and electric insulating materials
  • Wiring equipment, tools
  • Energotechnological and electrotechnical equipment, electric drives and converter machinery
  • Ecology
  • Electrical and lighting machinery
  • —ivil construction, real-estate agencies

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