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KIOSH - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial Safety

Date: 28.04.2011 - 29.04.2011 

City: Astana - information about city

Holder: "Expo.kz"

Topics: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: State Municipal State-owned Enterprise "Palace of Independence"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Creation of general program for achievement of 0 industrial injures at the workplaces and its implementation
  2. Creation of effective control mechanism and appliance of modern complex approach for the set tasks in the sphere of occupational safety
  3. Change of safety culture and establishment of the single vector of development
  4. Possibility for the impact of business structures to the development of corporate social responsibility
  5. Foreign experience and exchange of knowledge in the spheres of occupational health and safety
  6. Development of proposal on the implementation of state policy in the sphere of occupational health and safety
  7. Maintenance of the status of Astana city as a key meeting point of the highest level in the Central Asia region and CIS

Exhibition Sections:

  • Devices and analytical equipment for sanitary control
  • Special clothes and footwear
  • Sanitary clothes
  • Individual protective means
  • Collective protective means
  • Ammunition, equipment, uniform, branded clothes
  • Fabric for special and industrial use
  • Healthful and dietary meals, vitaminizing, preventive measures of occupational diseases
  • Training, professional improvement in the sphere of occupational safety
  • Specialized literature in the sphere of occupational safety
  • Equipment, production lines of various sections and high technology, which provide reliability and safety of the production
  • Qualification, testing, expert examination of industrial safety

Additional information: