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International Scientific and Industrial Forum

Date: 22.04.2020 - 24.04.2020 

City: Ekaterinburg - information about city

Holder: Universal exhibitions

Topics: Information Technologies and Communications, Industrial Exhibitions




Exhibition Sections:

  • Modern technological processes, equipment and materials:
    • for foundry production (forming, melting, materials, foundry machines and equipment)
    • for heat treatment (cryogenic, thermo-mechanical and chemical-thermal treatment, hardening-tempering-aging, thermal aging)
    • for forging and pressing production (cold sheet stamping, cold and hot forging, magnetic pulse forming)
    • for electroplating production (galvanic coating, galvanoplastics, electroplating, oxidation, chromium plating, protective and decorative coatings, powder coatings, special coatings and other multifunctional protective coatings)
    • laser and welding technologies and equipment
    • additive technologies, equipment and materials for them
    • composite materials and equipment for their production
  • Modernization and equipment of Metalworking equipment:
    • tool maintenance and rigging
    • software in machine-tool building, CNC systems
    • hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electric motors, bearings, other components
    • control and measuring machines, devices and tools
  • Training (retraining) of specialists for mechanical engineering:
    • the system of interaction between educational institutions and employers in the training of highly qualified specialists
    • system of independent assessment of qualifications
    • professional and public accreditation of the main professional educational programs and additional professional programs
    • current challenges and training in terms of diversification of production
    • basic departments
    • career guidance work
    • effective social policy as a factor of retention of highly qualified personnel
    • youth policy of enterprises
  • Labor protection and industrial safety:
    • changes in legislation in the field of environmental protection
    • ensuring environmental safety of enterprises
    • innovative technologies of contaminated soils and natural environments cleaning
  • Robotics in mechanical engineering:
    • industrial robotics
    • robotic systems, software and components
    • professional service robots (control systems, mobile platforms for General use)
    • robots to work in extreme conditions
    • components of robotics and mechatronics
  • Information and communication technologies. Information protection:
    • automated control systems of technological processes
    • automation of planning and accounting processes in production
    • import substitution of software
    • software means of information protection
    • protection of information on CNC equipment
    • certification of information systems for information security requirements
    • protection of information systems for personal data processing
    • video conferencing
  • Scientific and technical developments for mechanical engineering:
    • development of academic, University and industry science for the real economy
    • the proposals of the enterprises of small business in scientific-technical sphere of engineering
  • Industrial design, marketing and PR:
    • the role of industrial design in the creation and production of high-tech products
    • design-oriented management
    • digital marketing, PR and business Protocol
    • business Souvenirs as an element of marketing
  • Quality management system:
    • promising and relevant areas in the field of implementation, certification and recognition of quality management systems, ecology, energy, health and safety
    • practical experience in the development and improvement of enterprise management systems
  • Resource and energy saving:
    • new innovative developments in the field of energy efficiency
    • practical experience in implementing energy efficiency programs
    • energy storage
  • Economy and production:
    • legal and judicial issues on improvement of enterprise support
    • changes in accounting and tax legislation
    • practical advice on accounting and taxation

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