Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building - 2017

Attention! The event is over.

International Trade Fair for Decorative and Technical Lighting, Electrical Engineering, Home and Building Automation

Date: 07.11.2017 - 10.11.2017 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Messe Frankfurt RUS

Topics: Building and real estate, Furniture and Office Equipment, HoReCa, Information Technologies and Communications




Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

"Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building" - leading international project, uniting professionals of lighting, electrical engineering and building automation from the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

Participation in the exhibition is a great opportunity to find new business partners, negotiate contracts, strengthen market position, to get acquainted with new collections and innovative products from leading Russian and foreign producers to exchange experience and knowledge, meet with new clients.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Technical lighting:
    • exterior lighting of buildings
    • interior lighting of offices and administrative buildings
    • lighting for construction sites and structures
    • emergency and evacuation lighting
    • lights with motion sensors
    • floodlights
    • street lighting and traffic lights
    • road lighting and lighting of tunnels
    • piers and masts
    • transport lighting
    • lighting of airports, runways
    • industrial lighting
    • specialized lighting for medical facilities
    • lighting and light sources for bacteriological analysis
    • lighting of agricultural facilities
    • landscape lighting
    • lighting green areas
    • accessories and components for technical lighting
  • Decorative lighting:
    • lamps for residential premises
    • fixtures for non-residential premises
    • festive illuminations, the lighting of the Christmas holidays for indoor
    • festive illuminations, lighting for the Christmas holidays (street)
    • designer lamps
    • chandeliers, crystal chandeliers
    • wall light
    • ceiling lights
    • table lamps
    • pendant lights
    • floor lamps
    • lamps for children's rooms
    • lamps for bathrooms
    • lighting for mirrors
    • lighting for pictures and music
    • lighting design
    • components and components for decorative lighting
  • Building automation:
    • smart home
    • light control:
      • lights with motion sensors
      • control system of lighting
    • common automation:
      • sensors, controllers
      • detectors, motion sensors
      • energy measurement and calculation
      • measuring and testing devices, measuring equipment
      • engineering systems and networks
      • information communication system
      • distribution of electric power (door systems, garages, baths)
      • system components of data transmission
    • building management:
      • energy metering (laboratories, waste management)
      • centralized/decentralized control system
      • dispatching system of buildings
    • security:
      • system security and monitoring
      • fire alarms and smoke detectors
      • lighting system, radio and wireless calling system
      • burglar alarm systems, fire alarm technologies
    • HVAC:
      • climate systems (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration)
      • devices of heating control
  • Electrical engineering:
    • switches medium voltage
    • safety switches/modular installation devices
    • measuring and test instruments grounding, potential equalization, lightning protection, protection against excessive voltage in power supply network
    • isolators, load break switches, switches, and motor protection
    • cable and wire products:
      • switches and plugs for equipment and lighting
    • box:
      • materials and technologies of installation and laying of cable
      • receiving antennas and broadband distribution equipment
      • electrical outlet
      • programmable battery management devices
    • designing of the systems:
      • connection and distribution materials
      • distribution system
      • switchboards
      • temperature controls in individual rooms
      • time relay
      • monitoring relay, switches, fuses, relays
    • assemblage of boards and electrical cabinets:
      • consolidated bus system
      • power distribution equipment, low voltage switches
      • power electronic devices
      • security system
      • fastening system
      • transformers
      • installation of weak current
      • installation equipment and protective devices
      • low voltage devices
    • switchboard equipment:
      • electric heating system
      • power plant, stabilizers
    • wiring and equipment:
      • grounding system
      • protection against excessive voltage in power supply network
      • energy supply, distribution, control and measuring equipment
      • power supplies
  • Electric lamp:
    • incandescent bulbs
    • universal lamp
    • halogen lamps
    • projection lamp
    • fluorescent lamps
    • infrared lamps
    • metal halogen lamp
    • sodium discharge lamp
    • mercury discharge lamp
    • lamp high pressure
    • gas discharge HID bulbs
    • components and materials for electric lamps
  • System LED:
    • led modules
    • led converters
    • components for led
    • organic LEDs (OLED)
    • led bulb
    • materials for the installation of the LEDs
  • Service:
    • software
    • lighting design (architectural, interior)
    • disposal and recycling of waste, recycling
    • measuring equipment
    • institutions/organizations/associations
    • specialized press, publishers

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