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InterExpoShow - 2015

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 11.03.2015 - 13.03.2015 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Interexpo LLC

Topics: Medicine and Health Care, Textiles. Fashion. Cosmetics


Venue: Gostiny Dvor

Annual international specialized exhibition "INTERBYTCHIM" is the Central exhibition event for companies engaged in the production and sale of household chemicals, detergents, Laundry detergent, personal hygiene and related products for household use.

"INTERBYTCHIM" is a meeting place and effective communication of all manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of raw materials, packaging and equipment, aiming to increase sales and strengthen market positions.

In addition to performing traditional exhibitions, functions, industry marketing project "INTERBYTCHIM" tackles new challenges that are put before the industry current market conditions. At our events specialists receive the most competent information about new trends in branding, intellectual property protection, trade marketing methods and channels to promote products on the market. Thus, the industry will receive the whole range of marketing services.

Exhibition Sections:

Brand show "Interbytchim":

  • Household chemicals:
    • household cleaners and detergents for home
    • washing powders and auxiliary detergent
    • aerosol products (air fresheners, polishes for furniture, antistatics)
    • insecticides
    • means for shoe care
    • household adhesives and sealants
    • tools for plant care
    • means against domestic insects and rodents
    • disinfectants
    • contract manufacturing
  • Hygiene products and cosmetics:
    • soap
    • toothpastes and toothbrushes
    • shampoos and hair care products
    • shower gels
    • cosmetics for body, body scrubs
    • shaving foam
    • bath salts
    • toilet paper
    • means for feminine hygiene
    • shaver
    • napkins and wet napkins
    • hair dye
    • contract manufacturing
  • Related products:
    • articles of domestic use of polymeric materials
    • decorative candles
    • garbage bags, food foil
    • sponges and scouring pads for body and business needs
    • bathroom amenities
    • disposable tableware
    • tablecloths (paper and polymeric materials)


  • Natural cosmetics
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Professional cosmetics for home use
  • Raw materials, packaging and equipment
  • The goods under private label (PLM NON-FOOD)


  • NaturBeauty. New organic and natural products in the beauty industry, cosmetics and fashion:
    • natural cosmetics for home care
    • professional organic products
    • male natural cosmetics
    • natural hygiene products
    • health products
    • children biocosmetics
    • raw materials and packaging
  • EcoHouse. All to maintain cleanliness in the ecohouse:
    • household items made from environmentally friendly materials
    • natural household detergents and cleaners
    • eco-goods for home
    • souvenirs
    • raw materials and packaging for the production of eco-goods for house cleaning

Additional information: