Health Industry - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

5th International Medical Forum and Exhibition

Date: 24.04.2012 - 26.04.2012 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Public health care in the territories, regions, and republics
  • Public health care departments
  • Medical equipment. Instruments:
    • medical engineering
    • equipment for diagnostics
    • laboratory engineering and equipment
    • equipment for blood sampling facilities
    • medical furniture
    • consumables, medical clothes
    • disinfection
    • sanitary
    • sterilization
    • emergency medicine
    • sanitary transport
    • disaster medicine
    • projecting and integrated outfitting of hospitals, medical facilities, sanatoria
    • telemedicine
  • Salon "Drugstore"
  • Rehabilitation medicine. Orthopaedy and prosthetics
  • Salon "Optics"
  • Education and science in medicine:
    • scientific centers and research institutes
    • high-tech medical aid centers
    • educational establishments
    • special medical literature
    • publishing houses
  • Salon "Medical services":
    • private medical centers and clinics
    • medical insurance
    • rehabilitation medicine centers
    • aesthetic medicine clinics
  • Medical and sanitation-and-epidemiological support of facilities of "Olympic Games 2014"
  • Salon "Motherhood and childhood":
    • perinatal centers; obstetrics and gynecology centers
    • goods and care means for pregnant women and newborns
  • Spa and Wellness. Health and beauty:
    • equipment and accessories for Spa-salons and sanatoria
    • aromatherapy
    • balneotherapy
    • thalassotherapy
    • equipment and accessories for different types of massage
    • apparatuses for figure correction
    • dietary supplements, vitamins, healthy food

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