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Industry Forum - 2021

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Industry Forum

Date: 15.09.2021 - 17.09.2021 

City: Izhevsk - information about city

Holder: Exhibition Centre "UDMURTIA"

Topics: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Information Technologies and Communications, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Platform near the shopping center "My Port", mobile pavilion

Exhibition Sections:

Mechanical engineering. Metallurgy. Metalworking

  • Technologies, equipment, tools, fittings for machine building, metallurgical and metalworking industries
  • Components and materials
  • EMS
  • Metal products, hardware
  • Control and measuring devices and automation equipment of technological processes
  • Industrial and environmental safety

Oil. Gas. Chemistry

  • Equipment for oil and gas production, transportation, processing and storage, components and units
  • Modern drilling and packer-anchor equipment
  • Well construction and repair equipment
  • Pumping units for reservoir pressure maintenance
  • Valves - steam and isolation
  • Measurement and control devices
  • Geodetic equipment
  • Monitoring and diagnostic systems for oil and gas production equipment

Integrated security

  • Entrance intercom modernization unit "Tedofon", which makes it possible to call 112 service from the intercom
  • Mobile remote controlled powder extinguishing unit KATRINA-272
  • Apparatus for transfusion of a patient's own purified blood, for use in field hospitals
  • Insulated tent structures for military field hospitals and living in adverse conditions
  • Snowmobile "TAYGA" designed for patrolling especially important objects
  • Gas masks equipped with a panoramic mask
  • Geographic information system "Safe city"
  • 3 megapixel IP dome cameras
  • Hardware and software complex "Parknet" designed for parking control, recording of parking and stopping violations
  • New Kaspersky anti-virus running at UFFI (BIOS) level

Energy. Energy saving


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