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Electrotechnics and Industrial Electronics - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

International Specialized Exhibition

Date: 16.04.2008 - 18.04.2008 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Inconex

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: International Trade Center

Exhibition Sections:

Industrial electronics

  • Industrial networks, PLC-systems, industrial computers
  • Onboard and inbuilt systems
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Memory units
  • Interfaces
  • Digital and impulse machines
  • Analog hardware, analog-digital and digital-analog transformers
  • Identification and information protection systems
  • Power electronics and secondary electric power supply sources
  • Discrete semi-conducting devices
  • Gauges and sensors
  • Passive elements and switching devices
  • Piezo appliances and acoustoelectronics
  • Power sources for microelectronic appliances
  • Measuring and control equipment
  • Optoelectronics
  • Integrated microcircuits
  • Control instrumentation
  • Inbuilt systems
  • Automated documentation system of energy consumption
  • Equipment for industrial automation, production control, monitoring
  • Automatic process control systems, SCADA-systems, MES-systems, systems of real time
  • Drives, final control devices, input/output modular units
  • Automation system of engineering networks, energy saving
  • Electronics contract development

Electrical engineering

  • Electrical machines, gears, automatic machines
  • Electrical generators, electrodrives, electrical motors, transformers, transformers
  • Electrical equipment for generation and transmission of electrical power
  • Power sources
  • Electrotechnical, electromechanical elements and components
  • Power transforming devices
  • High-voltage equipment
  • Starting, regulating and protective equipment
  • Low-voltage complex devices
  • Cables, wires, connecting fittings
  • Mounting and wiring products
  • Electrical boxes, panels, boards
  • Electricity insulating products and materials
  • Electric power line equipment
  • Relay protection devices
  • Electricity saving transforming devices
  • Systems of measuring, control, diagnostics, management and automated regulating
  • Gears for radiotechnical measuring
  • Radio control, telemetry
  • Systems and devices of information display
  • Equipment for production and testing of electrical machines and apparatuses
  • Operational equipment and tools for production and mounting of electrotechnical products
  • Electrotechnical materials: conductors, dielectrics, semi-conductors, magnetic materials

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