Healthy Lifestyle - 2013

Attention! The event is over.

International Specialized Forum

Date: 16.05.2013 - 18.05.2013 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: For-Expo

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: Museum and Educational Center "Sokolniki"

The Forum "Healthy Lifestyle" is an unique event for the companies working in the field of manufacturing and marketing of products and services for the maintenance and promotion of health lifestyles, preservation of beauty, as well as companies that demonstrate the achievements in this field.

Uniqueness of the forum:

  • The only exhibition event where professionals can get complete information on the main areas of health and beauty industry
  • Exhibition of the latest developments in the field of health promotion, disease prevention, including fight against alcohol and tobacco abuse
  • Exhibition of brands created for healthy living
  • Forum promoting the implementation of the RF government resolution є 413 of 18.05.09 on the formation of a healthy way of life for the citizens
  • Exhibition of direct sales and the feedback from your customers
  • Meeting place for practical health and beauty industry specialists
  • The best exhibitbition space - convenient communication: subway station "Sokolniki"; favorable conditions for participation

Exhibition Sections:

  • Healthy food:
    • ecological, organic, biological products
    • products of healthy food (all kinds of natural and safe food products, including those with therapeutic properties, dietary, diabetic, vegetarian, and also gluten-free products, soybean products)
    • iodine and fluorine-containing products
    • natural products
    • bee-keeping products
    • functional food:
      • with live bifidus bacteria or lactic acid bacilli
      • with growth stimulants of endogenic flora
      • with plant antioxidants
    • mineral and medicinal water, natural and fresh juices, vitaminized drinks
    • technologies and equipment for water purification
    • food ingredients for production of healthy food
  • Natural cosmetics and products:
    • phytocosmetics
    • curative cosmetics
    • for bath, sauna, massage
    • methods of skin revitalizing
    • cosmetological equipment
  • FitnessLife:
    • fitness centers and services
    • wellness and spa centers, therapeutic tours
    • training devices and equipment for professional and home use
    • rehabilitation and hydromassage equipment
    • sports nutrition and additives
    • sports outfit and accessories
  • Natural drug store:
    • phytopreparations
    • biologically active supplements
    • vitamins and mineral complexes
    • homeopathic medicines
    • phytotherapy, aromatherapy
    • natural remedies
    • natural oils, extracts, essences
  • Therapeutic equipment:
    • physiotherapeutic equipment
    • massage armchairs, tables, accessories
    • spa-capsules, body care apparatuses
    • mini and phyto saunas, baths, aroma bathtubs, accessories
    • mini pools, hydromassage equipment
    • solaria and infra-red cabins
    • air cleaners, humidifiers, ionizers
  • Mother and child:
    • food for pregnant women, baby food
    • cosmetics and personal hygiene products for pregnant women and children
    • goods and equipment for pregnant women and children's care
    • parapharmaceutical products
    • functional and prophylactic food
    • medical products and diagnostic devices
    • special detergents
  • Alternative medicine
  • Rehabilitation and preventive care

Additional information: