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Healthy Child - 2012

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 03.10.2012 - 04.10.2012 

City: Samara - information about city


Topic: Medicine and Health Care


Venue: Exhibition Halls of Museum Named After P. Alabin

Within the exhibition the Regional Neonatology Day for neonatology physicians and kid doctors will be held on 3rd of October.

In parallel with the conference meetings the medical exhibition will be held, where Russian and foreign companies will present modern medical equipment, medical preparations, baby food products, baby care products.

The exhibition will call together the specialists looking into the matter of children's health at one disscussion platform.

Exhibition Goal: wide informing of kid doctors, children's health care organizers, various specialists about federal and city programs focused on improvement of child health care, social support for children, expectant and nursing mothers, formation of healthy lifestyle.

The most important, modern scientific and practical questions of child health care, problems of disease-prevention and social pediatrics will be discussed in reports of professors, leading experts in the field of children's medicine.

Exhibition Sections:

  • Food for healthy and sich children
  • Vaccinal prevention in pediatrics
  • Topical questions of children's allergology and immunology
  • Topical aspects of pulmonology
  • Children's otorhinolaryngology
  • Children's virulent diseases: advanced ways of preventive measures and treatment
  • Topical questions of modern children's psychoneurology
  • Topical questions of children's dermatovenereology and teen-age cosmetology
  • Topical questions of endocrinology in pediatrics
  • Topical questions of pediatric gastroenterology
  • Reproductive health care for chilren and teen-agers
  • Prevention and treatment of children's socially significant diseases
  • Laboratory diagnostics in pediatric practice
  • Emergency surgery
  • Perinatal medicine
  • Issues of reanimation, aggressive medical therapy, nursing and complex rehabilitation of babies born with low, very low and extremal low weight
  • Peculiarities of early detection and treatment of children's rheumatic disease
  • Primary medical care for children: ambulatory, hospital and emergency
  • Modern approaches in treatment of pediatric surgical diseases
  • Methods of diagnostic, medical treatment, surgical service and orthopedic alignment for children
  • Innovative methods of training in medical practice using simulation thechnologies

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