Municipal Services - 2009: Technologies. Investments. New Quality - 2009

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Specialized Industrial Exhibition

Date: 16.03.2009 - 18.03.2009 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Topics: Building and real estate, Municipal Management




Venue: IEC "Crocus Expo"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Housing construction:
    • construction of high and low rise blocks of flats
    • construction of cottage and townhouse settlements
    • investments in construction
    • carcasses and pannel individual houses and buildings
    • low rise prefabricated houses
  • Heat supply:
    • heating and hot water supply systems
    • heating equipment, heat exchangers
    • boiler equipment
    • water treatment for boilers
    • pumping equipment
    • pipes, pipeline armature, shutting and regulating equipment for heat supply network
    • materials and equipment for repair, diagnostics and sanation of heat supply network
    • electro heating equipment
  • Gas supply:
    • gas networks and equipment
    • pipes, pipeline armature, shutting and regulating equipment for gas networks
    • materials and equipment for gas networks repair
  • Energy and resorces saving:
    • energy saving in heating networks
    • energy saving equipment and energy effective technologies
    • resources saving technologies and equipment
  • Water supply. Water drainage:
    • technologies and equipment for water purification, drainage and sewerage
    • pumping equipment
    • pipes, pipeline armature, shutting and regulating equipment
    • materials and equipment for repair, diagnostics and sanation
    • sanitary equipment. Sewage disposal plants
  • Electricity supply. lighting equipment:
    • electrical networks and objects
    • electric power stations, technologies and equipment for energy supply
    • electrotechnical, electro distributional and electrical control unit equipment and products
    • low and high voltage plants
    • wiring equipment
    • cables, wires, means for their mounting, switching devices
    • electricity protection means
    • materials, equipment and machinery for electrical networks repair
    • lighting machinery and lamp equipment
  • Control instrumentation for municipal services:
    • control instrumentation, regulating devices in heating networks
    • control instrumentation, regulating devices in gas networks
    • control instrumentation, regulating devices for water supply
    • control instrumentation, regulating devices in electrical networks
    • devices for energy commercial accounting
  • Information technologies. Consulting:
    • IT-monitoring systems, documents circulation, financial planning for municipal services
    • communal billing
    • information and accounting centers
    • consultation support, audit
  • Communal and road building machinery:
    • machinery for streets and pavements cleaning and for litter collection and removal
    • machinery for main roads maintenance
    • technical equipment for pavements maintenance
    • machinery and equipment for construction and maintenance of engineering networks
    • sludge pumping and canal cleaning machinery
    • machinery and equipment for tunnels and bridges repair and maintenance
    • cranes and hoisting machinery
    • boring equipment
    • mobile compressor stations
    • machinery and equipment for greenery upkeeping in cities
    • asphalt and concrete plants
    • machinery, equipment and technologies for reconstruction and repair of roads, bridges and underpasses
    • small scale mechanization means, tools
    • systems and technical safety means for road works, equipment and overalls
    • technical means of traffic organisation (traffic lights and signs, barriers, information stands, materials and equipment for road marking)
    • repair and service of construction and road technical equipment
    • rent and leasing of machinery and equipment
  • Sanation. Repair:
    • reconstruction, repair and housing upkeeping (equipment, technologies, project works)
    • construction materials, structures, hydro- , electro- and heat insulation, soundproof materials, roofing, finishing materials scaffolding, decking, tools)
    • lifts
    • life systems of housing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, smoke removal, alarm systems, visualisation means, control and access limitation
    • housing monitoring
  • Accomplishment:
    • territory accomplishment (children's and sports grounds, small architectural structures, railings, pavement slabs, fountains, street lamps)
    • cities and settlements sanitary cleaning (waste removal and transportation, equipment and technologies, wastes utilization and recycling)
    • public toilets
    • natural complexes and greenery (greenery planting and saving technologies, forests and parks in cities, landscape design)
    • cleaning equipment and services
    • overalls, specialized footwear and outfit
    • provision of environmental safety and labour protection in municipal services
  • Public transport:
    • electrical transport: trams, trolley buses
    • city buses, small buses, minibus taxis
    • special buses: school, ritual, for country and far north conditions
    • additional equipment for transport means: for whee-chair invalids, turnstiles, gas equipment

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