Hanseboot - 2009

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition of Yachts and Boats

Date: 24.10.2009 - 01.11.2009 

City: Hamburg - information about city

Holder: Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

Topic: Automobiles, Storage, Transport, Logistics and Transportation




Venue: Hamburg Messe and Congress

At present, the participation in international exhibitions becomes a must for all enterprises, which are seeking to carry out their marketing policy successfully in international markets. Most of the biggest exhibitions in the world, including "Hanseboot", are held in Germany, which arranges today the biggest exhibition grounds and unique equipment in the world. For the first time, the exhibition was held in 1961 and it is successfully organized once a year. Annually the market leaders exhibit their products at the exhibition, including all the most advanced developments and technologies.

Every year more than 140000 of interested visitors arrive from all continents at "Hanseboot" - and always find something useful for themselves. Open friendly atmosphere of the show attracts more and more new clients, strengthens already established contacts and facilitates efficient transactions. 95 % of visitors estimates the exhibition as "excellent" or "good".

Exhibition Sections:

  • Sailing-ships and motor boats of various size
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Fittings, attachments, various devices
  • Electronics
  • Engines and spare parts
  • Rescue equipment
  • Ship and boat building
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Clothes
  • Charter
  • Insurance companies

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