AgriTek/FarmTek Astana - 2024 (г. Астана)
AgriTek/FarmTek Astana - 2024 (г. Астана)

Gold Niva - 2021

Attention! The event is over.

International Agricultural Exhibition with a Field Demonstration of the Techniques and Technologies

Date: 25.05.2021 - 28.05.2021 

City: Ust-Labinsk - information about city

Holder: IP Kvitkina

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry


Gold Niva - 2021

Exhibition Sections:

  • Agricultural machinery.
    The largest section where the latest tractors and combines, plows, reapers and seeders, trailers, harrows, trucks and components are presented. This section gathers leading manufacturers of the country and the world and allows guests to get acquainted with the novelties, see the equipment in action, ask all questions directly to the manufacturer and make profitable deals to expand technology parks.
  • Seeds and fertilizers.
    An interesting area for all farmers. It is here that new selections and varieties of the main agricultural crops are discussed and presented, and visitors have the opportunity to solve the problem of plant protection and find drugs for effective farming.
  • Greenhouses and irrigation.
    The section that offers agrarians modern technologies of greenhouse complexes development, automation of irrigation and water supply. This section is gaining more and more popularity among farms and large agricultural holdings due to the wide range of products that help to increase the yield of farmland.
  • Processing and storage.
    The most important platform for representatives of all spheres of agribusiness. It has everything for high-quality processing and long-term storage of crops: grain cleaners, grain dryers and grain throwers, frame hangars, equipment for elevators and refrigeration units.
  • Animal husbandry.
    Presented at "Gold Niva" by leading breeding farms of the country. Here representatives of livestock complexes can discuss the benefits of breeds, conclude agreements with leading companies in the industry, find suppliers and expand the livestock.
  • Demonstration area.
    The most interesting and spectacular section of the exhibition. Here on the prepared plots manufacturers can show new agricultural equipment in operation and demonstrate all stages of land cultivation: from plowing and sowing to harvesting. Every year dozens of agricultural machines are presented and sold on the fields of "Gold Niva".


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