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International Exhibition for Glass Products, Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing Technology

Date: 22.03.2021 - 25.03.2021 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Expocentre

Topics: Building and real estate, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre"

Exhibition Sections:

Glass production:

  • Raw materials for glass production
  • Glass melters
  • Glass melting technology
  • Refractory materials
  • Raw materials processing, furnace preparation, glass recycling
  • Batch charging systems
  • Batch cleaning systems
  • Flat glass forming: equipment and technology
  • Hollow glass items forming for food, medical, chemical, cosmetics and perfume industries: equipment and technology
  • Moulds for glass production
  • Furnaces (lehrs)
  • Equipment and technology for production of various types of flat glass: transparent, body-tinted, nonreflecting, rolled (patterned, armoured), glass shapes
  • Equipment and technology for hard coating (pyrolytic) (magnetron)
  • Equipment and technology for soft coating (magnetron)
  • Equipment for foamglass production
  • Production of technical glass (optical, light, quartz)
  • Production of liquid glass and dry hydrated powdered liquid glass
  • Removal systems, conveyers
  • Quality inspection
  • Packing lines
  • Recycling of cullets and glass containers: collection, separation, preparation
  • Sustainable production: energy saving, emission abatement, recycling, occupational safety

Glass processing and finishing equipment and technologies:

  • Flat glass cutting and snapping technology
  • Drilling technology
  • Edge and surface finishing technology, glass grinding and polishing, sand blasting
  • Washing machines
  • Hollow glass items processing for food, medical, chemical, cosmetics and perfume industries
  • Laser technology
  • Tempering & bending technology
  • Glass production
  • Safety glass production
  • Safety, tinted and energy effective films
  • Equipment for multilayer automotive glass production. Armored glass
  • Window units assembling
  • Components for window units: section, fittings, filler, sealants, glues
  • Printing on glass: direct, film, triplex
  • Glass decorating paints, nanopaints, enamels, lacquers, decorative films
  • Equipment and technology for stained glass production
  • Frits, glass enamels, smalts

Glass products:

  • Flat glass
  • Transparent, low-E, solar control, tinted, self-cleaning, multifunctional flat glass
  • Tempered, armored, noise protection, fire protection glass, security glass and bullet proof glass
  • Low-iron, nonreflecting, decorative, coloured, shaped, stained, ornamental glass, glass shapes
  • Mirrors
  • Variable transparency glass
  • Glass for solar panels
  • IGU Insulated Glass Units
  • Electrically heated window units
  • Vacuum IGU
  • Translucent structures: windows, fasades, balconies
  • Inside partitions, fronts, entrances
  • Winter gardens, greenhouses, rooflights
  • Structural glazing and glass curtains
  • Architectural projects and solutions
  • Interior glass: doors, partitions, decorative panels, staircases, floors, showers, tiles, splashbacks
  • Glass furniture
  • Automotive glass
  • Glass containers
  • Hollow glass for food, medical, chemical, cosmetics and perfume industries
  • Foam blocks, glass bricks, gravel, microspheres, granules
  • Glass fibres, glass fibre fabrics, fiberglass mesh, glass reinforcement
  • Quartz glass
  • Glass liquids. Sodium water glass
  • Displays, lenses, light glass

Tools, auxiliary equipment:

  • Cutting tools
  • Special liquids for cutting
  • Handling tools
  • Spare parts
  • Consumables
  • Equipment repair and upgrade
  • Equipment assembly, setup and maintenance
  • Ventilation equipment, vacuum systems and compressors
  • Protection devices
  • Workwear, individual protective gear

Measurement, testing and control equipment:

  • Test equipment
  • Processes optimization systems
  • SPS for machinery and transporters
  • Quality control equipment
  • Specialized software support

Scientific research, design engineering:

  • Project and design works
  • Innovations, R&D
  • Production of non-standard equipment

Art and decorative glass, stained glass. Art Glass salon:

  • Art and decorative glass products
  • Stained glass
  • Glass lamps, chandeliers, shades
  • Vases, assorted glassware
  • Glass jewellery

Transparent and translucent materials in agriculture:

  • Transparent and translucent materials for greenhouses, hot houses, conservatories: glass, polycarbonate, plexiglas, films, special coatings
  • Translucent structures made of plexiglas, polycarbonate, films
  • Advanced greenhouse complexes: construction, maintenance, revamp and upgrade
  • Equipment, fittings and accessories for greenhouses, hot houses, conservatories: heating, lighting, environment control systems, renewable power sources
  • Smart automation for greenhouses, hot houses, conservatories

Glass storage and transportation

Consulting, insurance, leasing

Specialized publications and mass media:

  • Specialized publications
  • Reference

Associations, professional organizations


Additional information: