GasSUF - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

8th International Specialized Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Gas Distribution and Efficient Gas Utilization

Date: 14.09.2010 - 17.09.2010 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: MVK International exhibition company

Topics: Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Museum and Educational Center "Sokolniki"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Gas. Transportation. Storage. Gas distribution:
    • design, building and operation of steel and polyethylene gas pipes
    • equipment and machinery for building, isolation, operation, diagnostics and repair of gas distribution pipelines
    • systems of gas consumption control
    • equipment for production, storage and use of alternative energy carriers on the base of gas technologies:
      • synthetic liquid fuel
      • DME
      • biogas
      • fuel elements
    • equipment for LNG liquefaction, transportation, storage and regasification, liquefied natural gas, low-tonnage production:
      • plants of LNG production (propane, butane, methane) to 100 thousands tons per year
      • heat-exchange equipment
      • expansion machines
      • equipment for gas treatment and dehydration before liquefaction
      • equipment for storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG), gas tanks and other containers
      • evaporimeters and gasifiers
      • cryogenic on-board fuel systems and gas filling systems, including methane, propane, butane gas bottle filling
      • cryogenic pipelines and fittings
      • pumps for LNG
      • facilities for low-temperature measurement
  • Gas. Utilization:
    • gas on transport:
      • fuel equipment for gas types of motor fuels
      • automobile cylinders for compressed natural and liquefied oil gas
      • automobile storage systems, tanks for liquefied natural gas
      • fittings for compressed and liquefied natural and liquefied petroleum gas
      • systems and equipment for diagnostics of gas automobile equipment
      • equipment for centers of requalification of automobile gas cylinders
      • equipment for centers of re-equipment of automotive facilities for work on gas fuel types and maintenance service
      • stationary equipment and mobile facilities of transport gas filling with motor fuel (methane, propane, butane)
      • design and building of gas-filling stations and related infrastructure
    • household gas:
      • domestic gas equipment
      • household gas appliances for blocks of flats and cottages (gas stoves, gas boiler equipment, IR burners, electric generators on gas, heaters)
  • Safety systems and fire-fighting equipment
  • Environment protection, ecological monitoring

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