Gas. Oil. New Technologies - for Far North - 2021

Interregional Exhibition of Oil and gas Equipment

Date: 18.03.2021 - 19.03.2021 

City: Novy Urengoy - information about city

Holder: SibExpoService

Topics: Natural Resources, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Venue: Business Center "YAMAL"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields. Equipment for drilling, building of wells and pipelines, production of oil and gas. New technologies and equipment for storage, transportation, processing, and distribution of natural oil and gas
  • New methods and equipment for geology and geophysics. Services on finding and prospecting of oil and gas fields, projecting and building of wells
  • Equipment for main pipelines, pipeline fittings, pipeline corrosion protection. Pumps, compressor equipment
  • Information support and automation of production procedure and preparation of oil and gas for transportation. Control and measuring devices
  • Building of facilities for oil producing, oil processing, gas, and chemical industry. Shift camps, mobile buildings and structures, autonomous power sources
  • Resource and energy saving technologies for extraction and processing of natural resources, equipment retrofitting. Associated gas problem solving
  • Special technologies and materials for working in the northern conditions. Heat supply and heat-proofing. Power equipment
  • Transport means. Freight and special vehicles
  • Environment protection and ecological safety. Complex processing of raw material resources, utilization of industrial and solid domestic wastes. Sewage water and sediment treatment. Air pollution prevention. Rehabilitation of polluted territories and water basins
  • Industrial safety. Operational safety and labor protection, special clothing, protection means. Communication, telecommunication, alarm means. Fire fighting vehicles
  • The digital economy in the oil and gas industry. Electronic services, information systems. Administration and automation of information processes. System integration. Digital technology. Information security

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