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Металлобработка. Металлургия - 2024


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2-nd International Specialized Exhibition - Fair of Flowers, Plants, garden and park Furniture, Equipment and Materials for Gardering

Date: 03.04.2002 - 06.04.2002 

City: Minsk - information about city

Holder: Exhibition Company "Minskexpo", JSC

Topics: Agriculture, Food Industry, Consumer Goods



  • Alive cut off flowers, arrangement green-stuffs, means of prolongation of the life of cut off flowers.
  • Arrangement tools and instruments (glue pistols, mini-drills, cement, wire, tape and so on) decorative spray-colors.
  • Accessories and packaging for transportation, sale and arrangement of cut off flowers.
  • Tub and potted flowers.
  • Artificial plants and dried flowers, products of osier and straw.
  • Plant substratum (peat, ground etc.), means of hydroponics and tools for care after flowers (secateurs, knifes, rippers, sprayers and so on).
  • Seeds, bulbs, sets of flower cultures, seeds for agricultural cultures.
  • Fertilizers and chemicals, means of protection of plants.
  • Glass and ceramics for flowers.
  • Equipment for flowers' sale (vases, ornamental flowerpots, supports, trays, carriages, holders).
  • Glass-houses, forcing beds, greenhouses - technologies and equipment for them.
  • Pools, reservoirs, decorative fountains, equipment for water-supply and irrigation.
  • Landscape design and designing, accomplishment and gardening of open territories.
  • Park furniture, garden buildings and design, small forms (sculpture, fountains, fencing etc.).
  • Buildings and structures for garden, small forms (sculptures, fences, foundry facing, covering etc.).
  • Horticultural machines, equipment, sundry.
  • Special literature on gardening, floriculture, arrangement, garden design.

At the moment the Gaverment of the Republic pays great attention to cities accomplishment, landscape design of the forest park zones.

The Exhibitors will have broad opportunities to examine Belorussian market and to get into contact with new business partners. Specialists in the sphere of gardening form CIS Countries, Baltic States and the Republic of Belarus will be invited to the Exhibiton.

In the frame work of the Exhibiton scientific-practical seminars, consultations of designers, presentations of firms, florist competitions will be organized.


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