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China International Fertilizer Show - 2014

Attention! The event is over.

Exhibition of Organic and Mineral Fertilizers

Date: 06.03.2014 - 08.03.2014 

City: Shanghai - information about city

Holder: CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM)

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry


Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Providing international standard exhibition hall and professional exhibition service
  2. Based on China' large fertilizer consuming market
  3. Located in Shanghai, the prosperous foreign trade gateway and multinational purchasing platform
  4. Sharing global promoting channels of CAC


  • China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association
  • Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of CAAS
  • Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development in Agriculture of CAASS
  • Institute of Plant Protection of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • China Fertilizer Market Week

Overseas Honorary Supporters:

  • International fertilizer industry association (IFA)
  • European fertilizer manufacturers association (EFMA)
  • Arab fertilizer association (AFA)
  • The fertiliser association of India (FAI)
  • Vietnam national fertilizer association (VNFA)


  • China nitrogen fertilizer industry association
  • China phosphate fertilizer industry association
  • China humic acid industry association

Exhibition Sections:

  • Water soluble fertilizer
  • Slow controlled-release fertilizer
  • Seaweed fertilizer Humic acid fertilizer
  • Amino acid fertilizer
  • Microbial fertilizer
  • Micronutrient fertilizer
  • Fertilizer additive
  • Organic natural fertilizer
  • Environmental friendly
  • Special fertilizer
  • Chelate fertilizer
  • Water flush fertilizer
  • Foliar fertilizer
  • EDTA
  • Compound fertilizer
  • Polypeptide fertilizer
  • Phosphate
  • Sulfate
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Potash fertilizer
  • Magnesium fertilizer
  • Integration of water and fertilizer
  • Irrigation,
  • Fertigation equipment
  • Soil analytical instrument
  • Soil Conditioner

Additional information: