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Event Expo - 2015

Attention! The event is over.

Exhibition for Event Organizers

Date: 11.02.2015 - 12.02.2015 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Event Expo

Topics: Advertising and Publishing Activities, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety




Venue: Central Art House

Exhibition Goals and Objectives:

  1. Forming an organized structure of market events and their own segment in the exhibition business - business platform for real demonstration of professional skills, creativity and innovation, healthy competitiveness in this area
  2. Visualization of event services, compared with only, at the moment, ground communications in the creation event of the Internet space, with all its advantages and disadvantages
  3. Strengthening internal ethics and culture of dealing with terms, attraction and activation of regional market structures of production and consumption of events

Exhibition Sections:

  • Event-Agency.
    Event organizers, including specialized ones, wedding, model, ritual); tourism (special tours, corporate trips); production centres; concert Agency; ticketing; advertising and PR agencies.
  • Technical equipment of events.
    Technical support (light, sound, scene, farm, decorations); displays (led, projection, projectors, etc.); show: laser, fireworks, fire; car radios and other equipment (projectors, wind turbines, generators, etc.); artificial ice, natural ice.
  • Event decor.
    Floral design, design - balloons and printing on them, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees; decorators; the scenery, props, ice sculptures, sand sculptures; Antiques, theatre props, balloons, inflatable installations.
  • Interactive.
    Starting butterflies, doves; aromatization of events, rides, games, machines; exit: tea ceremony, wedding registration, hookah bar, cigar room (Torcedor, Vitola); creative workshops, stylists, makeup artists, costume designers, quick-change assistant.
  • Catering.
    Catering companies, confectionery; production of cakes, exclusive chocolate; sale, delivery alcohol; rent: chocolate fountains, vending machines for drinks.
  • Trading network.
    Online gift stores and other attributes of the holiday, the specialized salons (wedding, jewellery, etc.); the exclusive shops of gifts, gift-wrapping.
  • Elements of the show.
    Content shows of artistic components.
  • Sites:
    • venues for the actions
    • sanatoria, boarding houses, recreation centres, yacht clubs, hotels
    • restaurants, clubs, Banquet halls
    • halls, manors, mansions
    • stadiums, parks and gardens facilities
    • fee fishing, shooting clubs, hunting grounds
    • paintball clubs, carts, clubs extreme (Quad Biking, sailing, kayaking, gliding, hang-gliders)
    • theatres
    • exhibition centres (garage, winery)
    • ships (shipping company)
    • barge-restaurants
    • rollerdromes
    • beaches
    • sites outside Moscow and outside Russia
  • Rental, service.
    Tents, tents, pavilions for export; mobile toilets; furniture; makeup trailers; exhibition design; sports equipment, equipment, gas, thermal heaters; transportation; industrial climbers; transfers (buses, limousines); clearing; outbound closet; security agencies; rental dresses, costumes, carnival costumes; cakes (big dummy); balloons, airships, airplanes, helicopters.
  • Event production:
    • production services
    • sewing costumes, textiles, printing on fabric
    • designers, design Studio
    • writers, humourists
    • manufacturing of awards, diplomas
    • logos, engraving
    • outdoor advertising, lighting , custom designs
    • bracelets plastic and paper to sign, printing on them
    • photographers, video production, editing, studios
    • recording studios, CD replication and DVD
    • movies in order
    • design and production of invitations, designer cards
    • production of puppets
    • printing of banners, posters, silkscreen on fabric
    • printing, large format printing
  • Event project.
    Show - touring, ice; theatrical performances; film festivals; exhibitions; Christmas program (show producer); children's performances; circuses, trade shows, sports events, field events (balls, Executive tours, participation in festivals, competitions).
  • BTL Agency.
    Provide activities aimed at promoting brands, services and companies with bright and memorable events, such as: presentation, opening ceremony; a festival, fair, festival, meeting, round table, conference, seminar, anniversary, birthday; the day of the open door, plant tour. Sponsoring the investment in special events for their own advertising and PR.

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