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Power Engineering. Energy Efficiency - 2021

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22nd Specialized Exhibition

Date: 09.06.2021 - 11.06.2021 

City: Saratov - information about city

Holder: Sofit-Expo

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Sports Palace Manege "Kristall"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Production, transmission and distribution of electric power:
    • production of electric power
    • nuclear power
    • steam turbines, electric, steam-gas and gas-turbine plants
    • electric generators, turbo and hydro generators
    • independent energy sources
    • alternative energy sources
    • renewable energy sources
    • reuse of energy sources
    • high-voltage and low-voltage distribution and control equipment, cabling and wiring products
    • distribution systems, switching centers and transformer substations, insulators
    • power capacitors, components
  • Production of thermal energy, energy efficiency in heat supply and utilities:
    • production of thermal energy
    • energy-saving technologies in reconstruction and construction of boiler rooms
    • boiler units and auxiliary equipment
    • pipes and fittings, boilers, boiler and auxiliary equipment, heat-exchange equipment
    • insulating materials
    • heat engineering
    • utilities: heat, electricity networks, equipment of heating substations, heating units, transmission and distribution networks
    • water purification systems
    • rehabilitation and upgrade of heating systems
    • technologies, equipment and materials for heat, gas and electric power supply in housing and public utilities
    • heat, water, electricity and gas metering devices
    • energy-saving lighting equipment
    • production of energy-efficient equipment for housing and public utilities
  • Industrial electrical engineering, energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. Automation:
    • energy-saving and resource-saving technologies, systems
    • technical means of energy-saving, energy control devices
    • sources of uninterruptible power, batteries
    • energy saving systems
    • engineering services, control instrumentation and automation, control and metering tools, automated process control system
    • diagnostic equipment, nondestructive testing
    • production ecology, recycling and reuse of resources
    • power capacitors, components
    • electrical equipment
  • Safety and reliability in power engineering:
    • energy audit
    • energy management
    • safety and reliability of equipment operation
    • environmental safety
    • Individual protection equipment, work wear
    • research and development in power engineering, energy management, energy audit
  • Illumination engineering:
    • development, design and manufacture of lighting devices
    • fluorescent, gas-filled, arc and special lamps
    • solid state lighting devices
    • street and industrial lighting devices
    • explosion- and flameproof , explosion, railway
    • lighting fixtures
    • technologies, equipment and materials for the production of lighting fixtures
    • design of lighting systems

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