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Power Engineering - 2015

Attention! The event is over.

21st International Specialized Exhibition and Forum

Date: 10.02.2015 - 13.02.2015 

City: Samara - information about city

Holder: Exhibition Company "Expo-Volga" Ltd.

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: Exhibition Centre "Expo-Volga"

Exhibition and Forum Goals:

  1. Expansion of regional markets of power engineering equipment and materials sales
  2. Presentation of technical know-how and sharing experiences of domestic and foreign manufacturers
  3. Development and support of intrabranch cooperation
  4. Formation of technical, technological and pricing policy in the field of energy saving

Exhibition Sections:

  • Power engineering:
    • electric power engineering
    • thermal power engineering
    • hydraulic power engineering
    • nuclear power engineering
    • alternative power engineering
  • Power engineering industry
    • turbines and auxiliary equipment
    • boilers, boiler and auxiliary equipment
    • diesels and diesel generators
    • heat exchangers
    • compressors
    • industrial ventilation
  • Electrical equipment:
    • equipment for electric power lines
    • electric motors, electric power generators, electric actuators
    • converters, transformers, transformer substations
    • power electronics
    • low-voltage equipment
    • high-voltage equipment
    • wiring products
    • switchboards, switch board room equipment
    • cables, wires, end fittings
    • protection equipment for electric installations
    • electrical insulating products
    • light engineering
  • Electro, gas and heat supply systems:
    • pipe lines
    • joining and valving hardware, regulators, reducing gears
    • gas burner units
    • modern materials and products
  • Equipment for public utilities sector
  • Technological processes automated control systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Software
  • Energy saving technology and equipment
  • Energy audit. Energy management
  • Power facilities safety and environmental safety
  • R&D in power engineering

Additional information: