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Siberian Energy Forum - 2021

Attention! The event is over.

Energy Forum

Date: 24.11.2021 - 26.11.2021 

City: Krasnoyarsk - information about city

Holder: Krasnoyarsk Fair

Topic: Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: International Exhibition and Business Center "Siberia"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Electrical engineering:
    • electric machines, devices and equipment for its manufacturing
    • converters
    • current supply
    • cabling and wiring products
    • electromotors, low-voltage apparatuses
    • high-voltage equipment
    • welding equipment
    • condensators
    • semiconductor power devices
    • printed boards
    • electroinsulating products and materials
    • appliances for electric installation works
    • wiring products
    • electrochemical materials
  • Energy industry, heat power industry:
    • hydraulic power, heat power, electric power industry
    • nuclear power industry
    • alternative energy forms
    • small scale power generation
    • industrial and municipal power supply
    • energy technologies and equipment
    • mode control of electrical and heating systems
    • tools for electric installation
    • diagnostic tools
    • technologies, equipment and materials
    • developments for CHP plants
    • hat-exchange apparatuses
    • pipe lines
    • boilers, boiling rooms, hot-water heaters, radiators
    • valves, latches
  • Energy and resource saving:
    • energy-saving technologies, equipment and services (heat meters and flow meters, cost accounting systems for water, gas, fuel, oil and lubricants, electricity)
    • thermostatic regulators, heat exchangers, heating units
    • energy saving construction materials
    • technologies for heating-up heating lines, saving of heat on different stages of its supply
    • corrosion prevention systems, water treatment
    • energy audit services, design works
  • Automation, electronics, robot technology, instrument making:
    • control equipment, control cabinets, panels, speed regulators, modular equipment
    • automatic power circuit breaker
    • engine circuit breakers, magnetic starters
    • control devices and alarms
    • electromechanical components and interconnection technologies, semiconductor devices, sensors and micro-systems, power supply sources, displays, plates for installation, passive components, measurement testing
  • Lighting technology:
    • fixtures for streets, industrial objects, sports facilities
    • for art-lighting of buildings
    • for indoor lighting
    • road signs and stroboscopes, elements of railroad high colour light signal and arrow lights
    • projectors and lamps
    • dimmers and switchers

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