Здравоохранение Урала - 2025 (г. Екатеринбург)
Здравоохранение Урала - 2025 (г. Екатеринбург)

Electrical Engineering. Power Industry. Automation. Lighting Engineering - 2011

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19th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 15.11.2011 - 18.11.2011 

City: Krasnoyarsk - information about city

Holder: Krasnoyarsk Fair

Topics: Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions


Venue: International Exhibition and Business Center "Siberia"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Electric engineering:
    • electric machines, apparatuses, and equipment for their production
    • transformers
    • current sources
    • cables and wires
    • electric engines, low-voltage apparatuses
    • high-voltage equipment
    • welding equipment
    • condensators
    • power semiconductive devices
    • printed circuits
    • electricity insulating products and materials
    • devices for wiring works
    • wiring products
    • electrochemical materials
  • Power engineering, thermal engineering:
    • hydro-, thermal-, electric-power engineering
    • atomic power engineering
    • "alternative" power engineering
    • small power engineering
    • industrial and municipal power engineering
    • energy technologies and equipment
    • electric and heat power system mode control
    • tools for electrical installation works
    • diagnostic means
    • technologies, equipment, and materials
    • developments for TPP
    • heat exchange apparatuses
    • pipelines
    • boilers, boiler rooms, water heaters, radiators
    • valves, cut-off plates
  • Energy and resource saving:
    • energy saving technologies, equipment, services (domestic heat and flow meters, water, gas, POL, electricity meters)
    • heating controllers, heat exchangers, heat supply stations
    • energy saving building materials
    • heat pipeline warmth-keeping technologies, preservation of heat at different stages of its delivery
    • corrosion prevention systems, water treatment
    • energy audit services, project works
  • Automation, electronics, robotics, instrument making:
    • control equipment, control panels, boxes, speed control valves, modular equipment
    • power automated relays
    • automatic motor protection, magnetic starters
    • control and alarm devices
    • electromechanical components and jointing technologies, semicunductive devices, sensors and microsystems, power sources, displays, circuit plates, passive components, measuring testing
  • Lighting equipment:
    • lights for lighting of streets, industrial facilities, sports facilities
    • for architectural and decorative illumination of buildings
    • for indoor lighting
    • road signs and stroboscopic lights, elements of railway high colour light signals and switch lamps
    • searchlights and lamps
    • dimmers and switchers

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