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EkoWaste - 2013

Attention! The event is over.

Fair on Waste Utilization, Environmental Protection and Municipal Management Issues

Date: 23.10.2013 - 24.10.2013 

City: Sosnowiec - information about city

Holder: Expo Silesia

Topics: Natural Resources, Municipal Management


Venue: Expo Silesia

Exhibition Sections:

Waste management:

  • Collection and transport of waste
  • Containers and equipment for waste collection
  • Sorting of waste
  • Thermal, physico-chemical and biological treatment of waste
  • Waste Incineration with energy recovery
  • Alternative fuel from waste
  • Plants and equipment for the production of alternative fuel
  • Removing pollutants from contaminated sites
  • Landfilling
  • Reclamation
  • Physico-chemical analysis of soil and waste control:
    • the analysis and classification of waste
    • analysis of soil and groundwater
    • analysis of biogas
  • Installations for the disposal of waste
  • Devices to reduce the volume of waste
  • Equipment for waste transport
  • Equipment and machinery for landfills
  • Equipment and machinery for sorting waste
  • Equipment for waste disposal


  • Recovery, recycling and disposal:
    • paper and cardboard
    • plastic and rubber
    • glass
    • wood
    • ferrous and non-ferrous
    • building materials from demolition
    • scrap vehicles
    • waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Agricultural utilization of sludge
  • Reduction of waste
  • Reduction of toxic waste
  • The collection, sorting and recycling of hazardous industrial waste
  • The collection, sorting and recycling of industrial waste other
  • Organizations recovery

Municipal technology:

  • Plant, machinery and vehicles to maintain the cleanliness of streets, sidewalks and parking lots
  • Plant, machinery and vehicles to maintain the cleanliness of the buildings
  • Plant, machinery and vehicles for green space


  • Physico-chemical analysis, control and measurement
    • air and gas monitoring
    • monitoring of atmospheric pollution
    • measurement and control of radioactivity
  • Air broadcasting the desired properties:
    • physical and electrostatic treatment
    • chemical treatment
    • thermal treatment of gaseous pollutants
    • combustion of gaseous
    • cooling air and gas
    • deodorization
    • Industrial air filters
    • Industrial


  • Climate-friendly technologies (clean technologies)
  • Instruments to support greenhouse gas reduction:
    • emissions trading
    • international projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Meteorology
  • Services and advice


  • Production of electricity and heat
  • Storage and energy saving
  • Control and power management
  • Boiler
  • Materials, equipment, fixtures, equipment:
    • burners
    • boilers
    • regulators
    • thermoregulators
    • gas turbines
    • pipes
    • power units
    • calorimeters
    • systems and measurement techniques
  • Thermal network
  • Substations

Renewable energy:

  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal water
  • Heat pumps
  • Solid biofuels (biomass), liquid, pellets and biogas

Noise and vibration:

  • Measurement techniques
  • Attenuation, control and protection
  • Noise reduction systems
  • Personal protection against noise
  • Combating noise and vibration in the environment
  • Soundproofing materials
  • Noise barriers

Detection systems security threats and under threat

Municipal building and energy:

  • General contractor investment
  • Construction and assembly services
  • Supplies of steel
  • Installation of electrical
  • Municipal investment in environmental protection
  • Construction and expansion of wastewater treatment plants
  • Construction and expansion of landfills and recycling plants
  • Construction and modernization of the district heating
  • Gasification
  • Designing

Consulting and environmental institutions:

  • Intergovernmental agencies
  • Agencies and branches of government
  • Non-governmental agencies and consulting
  • Industry organizations
  • Consulting and analytical services

Control systems and solutions for environmental protection and environmental

Units of scientific and research and developmentpubli


Additional information: